Sunday, May 26, 2019

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The Advantages of 3D Printers

3D printing, as a premise, is not a new concept by any means. There have been countless science fiction stories told of advanced machines that could print food and items right before our eyes; and for many years the concept of 3D printing was very much relegated to the realm of science fiction.

But things have changed in recent years, and with the progression that our modern technology has made, a whole new world of sci-fi ideas are now becoming a reality. We’re seeing 3D in entertainment, virtual and augmented reality tech, and now we’re starting... Read More

Kids spend most of their time playing. They learn a lot from toys. Video games instill cognitive and motor skills. Toy guns offer a special kind of thrill while sports games nurture their skills from a young age.

While some kids spend all their time video gaming, others have found companionship in Nerf gadgets. Designed to look like guns, the devices fire harmless sphere-shaped foam balls or darts. The toys don't injure kids. And although some parents are wary of them, Nerf gadgets are increasingly becoming popular around the world.

Has the world finally realized Nerf gadgets... Read More

To protect and optimize data storage in any device, the use of a network attached storage is a must. There are plenty of such online tools, but if you search on the internet, you will find that the Synology and QNAP are the two most popular options. Selecting one among them is not an easy job especially if you have adequate technical expertise.

What basis to chose between the two?

Every individual has a different set of requirements and expectations from such a NAS, and if you are looking for the perfect choice, you must compare among multiple parameters to come down to the... Read More

Hiking is a wonderful undertaking. You get the chance to experience the great outdoors and get in touch with nature.At a time when most people spend too much time in their offices or on their couches watching other people do exciting things, hiking offers way for us to get some fresh air and exercise and have fun as well.

Many people enjoy going on Long hikes through forests, of mountains or hills, and in uncharted areas. They like to be totally disconnected from civilization and live or short period of time naturally as their ancestors lived centuries ago. These feelings are admirable... Read More

Do you know what a VPN is? As its name says (Virtual Private Network), this is a way to connect two points using the infrastructure of a public network, in our case the internet itself. This is a very superficial explanation, but the advantage here is that you can access content from other countries, through your smartphone, tablet or computer. Let’s know the best Android VPN apps.

1. Opera VPN

Opera VPN is the service of the kind that you will like the most, mainly for not counting on invasive publicity, as is the case of the majority. It is easy to use and has a nice interface,... Read More

The concept of electric cars was first implemented back in 1884, and despite how much the recent heaps of development have taken the motor industry by storm, they just aren’t the norm right now. Though electric vehicles are becoming an increasingly popular choice for car-buyers in the UK, and even after the forewarning of the diesel ban ahead of us in 2030, it seems conventional cars mark the comfort zone for many motorists and unfortunately, those electric motors aren’t getting any more popular lately.

What's an Electric Car?

Basically, an electric car is not that different... Read More

Technology has slowly infiltrated all aspects of our life, but most of us have never thought that there might come a day when we might rely on gadgets in the bathroom. However, since people nowadays use the bathroom not only for convenience, but also for relaxation, there are indeed numerous tech innovations that can make the bathroom a more enjoyable space. Keep on reading to discover some clever ways in which you can give your bathroom a futuristic vibe.

Voice activation

A few smart lightbulbs and a clever voice control like Echo can give you the opportunity to adjust the bathroom... Read More

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