What is the Best SEO difficulty for new Bloggers?

What is the Best SEO difficulty for new Bloggers?

There's a first time for everything, and when it comes to SEO, there is always scope for some improvement. SEO is an ever-changing process and requires continuous learning and, therefore, mistakes are quite common so new Bloggers are facing many SEO Difficulty.

But when new bloggers start writing their blog without even the slightest knowledge of SEO, they commit mistakes that are worth cringe. Undoubtedly these mistakes are made unknowingly by them. Given below are 3 SEO mistakes that are done by the new bloggers.

Adding A Keyword Too Many Times

Probably the worst mistake one can make as a beginner is putting keywords too many times and, it is the most obvious one as well. One gradually learns many things about SEO, and one out of that is keyword density. Putting keywords too many times is called 'keyword stuffing' which is a black hat SEO technique. For example, if your target keyword was “Montana car accident attorney”, you wouldn’t want to use this phrase more than a couple of times on a typical blog, nor would you want to add it repeatedly at the bottom of the landing page, as they did back in 1999.

Black hat techniques, even if someone unknowingly uses them, can lead to a permanent ban on the website.

Not Knowing About Keyword Placements

As mentioned above, putting keywords too many times is not the right approach to rank on SERP. One should know about keyword placement. The writing style of writers could be different, but they follow the same basics mostly. For example, One should put the keyword in meta title, meta description, and in the body.

In general, the keyword should not be more than 2% of the entire content. One should write content in a way so that it looks more informative rather than promotional.

Not Knowing What Customers Are Looking For

Walking without knowing the destination is not a journey. All the efforts to get the website ranking are what if one does not know what and how customers are looking for. For example, to learn piano at home you will search for 'online piano', 'piano online', or 'online piano classes'. In the same way, you need to think like a customer, and then you will figure out how they can found you.

One can also get ideas from other resources like Quora, ask the public, or even google search results. It is a very effective strategy for getting keywords and images to create new keywords.


In some way or another, we all to technology. As a consumer, it is straightforward to get the services but providing them is not an easy job—this where we can realize why essential digital marketing is necessary to survive in the world. The simple idea is your query could be someone's keyword, and that is how a blogger should think to get the best results.