Why Responsive Website Design is very important for Business Growth?

Why Responsive Website Design is very important for Business Growth?

A responsive website is one that has a liquid and flexible format the allow it to change as per different screen sizes. Subsequently, we can say that a responsive web design simply means a website design that resizes and the composition itself depending on the device being utilized to see it whether it is a laptop, desktop monitor or tablet view. The important points of this web development are for website content part to display differently hanging on the device or screen resolution used to view it so that website users won’t need to manually resize in order to see the content.

At the point when you add complete those things up. It is evident that having a responsive web design has very many advantages to offer. From positively affecting your search engine optimization (SEO) and CR (conversion rates ) to improving user experience, there are numerous ways it can contribute to your website growth and ranking.

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Better SEO Optimization

One of the most benefits of having a responsive web design is improved SEO ranking. Google grab into priority all websites responsiveness as one of the determiners of their rank in the search engine results. This possibly implies that when your website is not responsive, it will automatically be placed lower in the search traffic results.

Improved Client Experience

A responsive web design build your website visitors have a strong experience regardless of which device they used. At the point when your website visitors find that your website scales and reacts to changes in scales viably and they can access all the menus and action button, they will difficult to spend much time on it. Although, if they find it hard to navigate and are forced to constantly pinch and zoom content, they surely stay for longer.

Increase in Traffic

Traffic Insights show that almost 79 per cent of all worldwide web traffic comes from mobile devices. As a matter of fact, this accounts for more than half of all global worldwide web traffic. At most shows how it is progressively important to have a website that decent on all mobile devices. By implementing a responsive design, you will consequently notice an increase in the number of your website visitors and also the duration they spend on your website.

Faster Website Loading Times

According to Facts, the customer will not entertain those websites that take more than five seconds to finish loading content. Fortunately, a website that has a responsive design tend to load much faster regardless of the device used to access it since built with responsive images and liquid matrices, it encourages faster loading of website pages which in turn has a direct positive impact on the duration of your website visitors.

Higher Conversion Rates

As per current research specify that the average Smartphone conversions rates are about 64 per cent higher than desktop conversion rate. As per research, it is quite obvious to see why creating a responsive website with a better user experience is the solution to a higher conversion rate. If your visitors spend more time on your website. They increase trust which leads to best conversion rates.

Easier and Simpler Website Analytics

To build decisions on how to improve your website. You have to know your website visitors interact with your website. At the point when you have two unique variants of your website. It means that your developers will need multiple different conversion funnels, paths and redirects to know important website analytics like where your traffic is coming from and how your visitors interact with your content. On the other hand, with a responsive site, you won’t need to have data from multiple reports to know your website and content is performing.

Faster Web Development

As initial time, it was a common practice for website owners to build a mobile version separate website whenever a small screen size was disclosed. Although, build one responsive website takes even minor time than even making a standard desktop website. moreover, it will cost you more making two separate compared to designing just one responsive one.

Easier Maintenance

Having a different mobile and desktop website need additional support and testing. When you have two different versions of your website, your web development team will definitely have to separate resources and time to effectively manage them. Although, with a mobile desktop responsive website your development developer will spend less time on maintenance and have more time to focus on other important tasks.


Nowadays, many people use the internet using mobile devices compared to tablet & desktop. Therefore, your website needs to look good and even work well on tablet and smartphone like desktop and laptops. If your website is not yet responsive, it is high time for you to look for a professional web design company in Jaipur. Doing this will not only help you manage your website more working easily. But it will also significantly improve your website’s SEO, user engagement rates.