Monday, June 24, 2019

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Nowadays, technology is becoming more and more beneficial to everyone. It makes the whole world smaller, connecting people across continents. It is also used for convenience. Shoppers can easily purchase an item while they’re on their pajamas at home. The best thing is, they can also shop for some great deals. Some prime examples are to get more promo code in ZALORA or have more coupons in KLOOK. Consequently, merchants earn better figures from online marketing too.

But besides smart devices and digital marketing, technology has positively impacted the world of sports.... Read More

The Indian women’s cricket team has lately been in the news. Only very recently a member of the Supreme Court appointed Committee of Administrators, Diana Edulji, called the selection process of the new coach for the women’s cricket team a sham, and unconstitutional. WV Raman a former member of the Indian men’s cricket team was selected as the coach by an ad hoc panel appointed by the chairman of the Committee of Administrators, Vinod Rai.

Diana Edulji has been pushing for extension of the term of the erstwhile coach Romesh Powar. Powar’s term ended last month after the Women’s Team... Read More

The Kentucky Derby is one of the oldest sporting events in the U.S. as it has been going strong every year since 1875. It is probably one of the most exciting as well! Everyone gets dolled up in their finest attire to cheer for those two nail-biting minutes when the horses “Run for the Roses.”

To make sure that you are ready for the 2019 Kentucky Derby, brush up on these 3 facts about this iconic race.

#1 The Kentucky Derby Draws a Big Crowd

Considered one of the most highly attended sporting events in the entire world, the Kentucky Derby brings in an average of... Read More

Know any sports fans that don’t partake in fantasy sports whether football, baseball, basketball, or hockey? Honestly, I don’t, and I haven’t in years. Fantasy sports continues to thrive and grow globally. With the industry on a steep upward trajectory, the importance of quality fantasy-specific data API’s parallel this growth. It’s the engine that drives this industry.

Fantasy sports industry to double over next 5-years

Based on a recent Global Fantasy Sports Market report, over the next five years (2019-2024) the industry is expecting a 13.7% compound annual growth rate... Read More

Whether you’ve only picked up a telescoping plastic toy or you have a custom piece with its own, dedicated lightsaber stand, anyone who has seen Star Wars has imagined participating in a lightsaber duel. It’s an irresistible fantasy. Well, these days, it can be much more. Real people have regular lightsaber duels and battles, and you can join in the fun.

Underground Lightsaber Fighters

One of the most prolific lightsaber dueling clubs in the United States, the underground fighters got their start a few years ago in San Diego. What started as a guy trying to have a little... Read More

There are many ways to invest your money, including opening or purchasing a golf course. This option comes with the benefit of getting the tee times you want and investing in your community, but it can have some downsides that you need to consider. Before investing in a golf club, it is important to know what it means to run one, what some common pitfalls are and what types of profits you can expect.

What Does It Mean To Run One?

Running a golf course means scheduling maintenance such as landscaping, building repair and general cleaning. It also means staffing all aspects of the club... Read More

Over the past seven days, Real Madrid - who sit 3 on the La Liga Table have been knocked out of the Champions League, The Copa Del Rey and have almost prematurely lost the LaLiga to FC Barcelona. This is not usually the case with Real Madrid, who is one of the top football clubs of the past century. It’s hard for a Real Madrid fan to see the season end completely in early March, with nothing really left to play for. Here are five defeats that sum up Real Madrid’s poor season:-

1. Real Madrid - Ajax

For the first time in over 1000 days, Real Madrid have been knocked out... Read More

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