5 Sports To Bet on All Year Round

5 Sports To Bet on All Year Round

The NBA Playoffs are in full swing and the 2021 NBA season is sadly coming to an end which is sure to disappoint many basketball fans around the world. Of course, the NBA is also one of the most popular sports in the world for sports betting, so punters are going to be looking for another sport to wager their hard earned money.

The good news is that there are plenty of great sports to bet on that run all year round. That’s right, they don’t have seasons, they just keep on going every week which is great news if you want to grind out a consistent profit with your sports picks.

Here are our top five favourite sports to bet on that run all year round!

  1. Horse Racing

Horse racing is known as the “sport of Kings” and is enjoyed all over the world with major horse racing events held in England, South Africa, America, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, and Singapore, just to name a few jurisdictions. There are horse races run every day of the year, and with so many different countries involved, you can virtually find a horse race to bet on all day, every day. It’s pretty insane. Just don’t try and bet on all of them! Horse racing can be a lot of fun, and also profitable once you find your niche.

  1. Darts

Darts is a fun game that anyone can play, especially if you’re having a few drinks in an English pub! But if you think you’re good Darts, I suggest you watch the pros play. They are at a whole different level. Darts is also a great game to bet on as there are tournaments played all year round. The highest level of professional Darts is played in the United Kingdom. The World Championships are held in late December and the Premier League traditionally runs early in the year, with other majors sprinkled throughout the year. However there are smaller second-tier and qualifying leagues played weekly around the major events. Start following the Darts scene and you’ll have plenty of betting to keep you entertained.

  1. UFC

As a brand, the rise of the Ultimate Fighting Championship has been rapid as they are now one of the leading sports and entertainment brands in the world. UFC events are held all year round, with major Pay Per Views every month, and other Fight Night events held regularly in between. There are no seasons in UFC. PPV events are held all year round with fighters rotating depending upon their status and schedule. If you’re a fan of fighting and MMA, then betting on the UFC is highly recommended.

  1. Cricket

Cricket is a unique sport played across a number of countries in the world. Cricket is a religion in India, while the likes of Australia, England, South Africa, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, New Zealand and the West Indies are the other leading cricket nations. While typically a summer sport, with cricket played all around the world, there’s always matches to bet on! International matches are the most popular but local domestic leagues are also good for sports betting with Test, One-Day and T20 matches every week of the year. Cricket is also popular for trading on sports betting exchanges with fluctuations throughout a typical match providing perfect conditions for trading.

  1. Novelty Betting

It may not be a sport as such, but when you’re looking for something to bet on all year round, it’s worth taking a look at Novelty Betting. What is Novelty Betting? Well, the best sportsbooks often run markets for all sorts of things from Politics to Entertainment to World Events. They are sometimes low-limit markets, designed to provide some fun betting opportunities for punters while also building some marketing material for the sportsbooks. Sometimes you can find some value but otherwise, these markets are more for fun.


So if you’re looking for something else to bet on once the NBA season wraps up, we hope this article will give you a few ideas for new sports to follow all year round!