4 Tips to Golf Better

4 Tips to Golf Better

Golf is one of the best sporting activities in the world. Striking the golf ball and watching it drop into a tiny hole brings a lot of joy to the players and this has seen a lot of people take up the sport. Played on expansive green fields featuring pools of water, golf provides its participants with the opportunity to relax and enjoy nature when playing the sport for a refreshing experience. It is also one of the most lucrative sports in the world with those who have played the game competitively laughing all the way to the bank with every tournament win. Whatever your reason for taking up the sport, it is important to take time to understand the sport or learn through golf lessons as much as you can and this article takes a look at a few things that you should consider if you want to golf better.

1.Get the right equipment.

Just like any other sport, golf requires the players to use various equipment to be able to play the sport. These supplies not only make the player an accurate golfer but they make them confident and at ease when playing the sport. It is, therefore, important to get the best-golfing equipment if you want to golf better. You will need the right club for striking the balls and generating distance. You should also use the right ball when training so as to develop that right spin and distance when striking them. Golfers should also get the right outerwear so as ensure that they are comfortable when playing the sport. The wrong gear could distract you when playing and this could make it difficult for you to play successfully. You should, therefore, insist on properly fitting clothes that are breathable for maximum comfort when playing. The other items that you should get so as to make your training and actual game time seamless include a golf rangefinder, a golf bag, and a trolley. Read this comprehensive buying guide to get more information on the supplies that you need golf better.

2.Pick the right golf course.

The golf course you train on is just as important as the supplies you use when training. The right course allows the golf ball to move properly when it is hit. It won’t get stuck in the mud or on other obstacles in the course and this provides you with the best chance to gauge your skills. Challenging courses can really discourage you if you are a beginner and this may scare you off the sport for good. Those interested in the sport should, therefore, only use certified courses for training. Most golf clubs provide this information on their website and as such, you can easily tell if a certain golf course is ideal for playing golf even without walking into the establishment.

3.Learn how to aim.

You need to position yourself properly and strike the ball well if you want to develop a significant distance. This, however, does not come easy and you will have to practice regularly to enhance your skills. There is a way that you need to position your legs, hold the club and move your hips so as to strike the ball effectively. Being a target-oriented sport, golf requires its players to hit the ball and get it to a certain point and this is only possible when you aim correctly. Proper alignment when golfing requires the player to position themselves and their golf club square to the target. All the parts of the player’s body should be parallel to the desired target which in this case could be the fairway within the course.

A good set up when playing golf would be to stand just behind the ball and look at your target. Pick a spot on your target and strike the ball gently so as to generate enough distance.

4.Learn how to chip.

Playing golf doesn’t just entail striking the ball far and high. Sometimes you need a delicate touch to get the ball over certain situations and that is where chipping comes in. Most players, however, overlook this aspect of play and this denies them success on the golf course. You probably won’t have to chip the ball on every hole but it can be quite frustrating when the need arises to do so and you don’t how to go about it.

A chipped shot is very similar to the normal pitch expect that it is usually executed with a shorter swing. You will probably need to chip the ball when you approach the pin or when you need to move the ball over a short distance.

When setting up for a chip, your feet need to be close together so as to maintain a narrow stance. The golf ball should not be too far away as well so as to make sure that you develop proper contact when you hit the ball. The way you hold the club is also very important if you want to chip the ball properly. Hold the club tightly and lower along the shaft so as to make crisp contact when you strike the ball. Swing further and higher if you need to chip the ball further and do the exact opposite if your target is not far away.

You can practice your chip shots anywhere as they usually don’t require a lot of space. Your home yard makes for a great practice area for perfecting your chips. Get several golf balls and set up a target within the yard such as a small box or a hat. Position yourself about 20 yards from the target and start chipping. The objective is to make as many successful chips as possible. Move the target further and start chipping again for the best practice.


Golf is one of the most technical sports around and it is only with proper training that you will be able to play it effectively. The above-mentioned tips highlight some of the things that you need to do to improve the way you play the sport.