Saturday, October 21, 2017

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Microsoft’s SharePoint turns sweet 16 this year. As per Microsoft, this web-based application has 160 million users across 75000 customer organizations. While it is quite popular as an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system, it is highly customizable and also has web development and intranet development capabilities. Many companies turn to SharePoint website development for web apps or intranet solutions especially because it has a responsive interface and works well on devices.

Analytics and online reviews however show that businesses face a challenge in getting users to adopt SharePoint... Read More

The ambition that you have in you along with the driving forces around you and the features of your unique mobile app sounds like they are the backbone of your venture and is going to fuel it to success, is just a mere wrong thought that many budding app owners have in their minds. It just doesn’t work with app monetization in anyway.

After working at a mobile app development agency it gives me great pleasure to tell everyone that to become successful the app-preneurs are required to go through various business development stages. Here are a few important ones for their information:

... Read More

In recent years global eCommerce and mCommerce have made further inroads across a wide swath of products and services. Convenience and the large millennial target base on-the-go mean that the mobile phone has to be the solution for most things. There’s an app for everything. Around the world, more than a third of online shoppers bought groceries via the Internet in 2016—34% vs. 21% in 2015—according to a new AlphaWise survey from Morgan Stanley Research.

The faster online grocery adoption has accelerated eCommerce growth across the world. Many factors are contributing to this trend.... Read More

With augmented reality taking the whole world by storm, why should you be left out from knowing the augmented reality technology called chameleon street chat?Streetchat will allow you to chat with your friends in the real locations, forexample:yards or street. If you want to know more about the chameleon street chat, proceed on to know about this new augmented reality technology. This article will take a look at the new augmented reality technology called chameleon street chat.

A look at augmented reality:

But before we take a look at Chameleon street chat, let’s take a look at... Read More

Auto insurance companies see three major types of customers: preferable, standard, and high-risk. Preferable drivers are those with not only clean driving records, but also good credit score and eligibility for discounts. A driver who falls into this category pays the lowest premium rate. On the other hand, high-risk drivers have all the bad traits for examples a record full of traffic tickets, previous DUI convictions, and at-fault accidents. High-risk drivers pay the highest premium; in worst case scenario, they may not be able to acquire auto coverage from standard insurance market. Standard... Read More

If a picture says a thousand words, a video must say a million. It's one of the reasons why they're becoming huge in the business world. A video is the ideal way to share your message with a tremendous amount of customers all around the world if you're lucky.

We've all seen what happens when a viral video takes off. What you don't see is the things taking place in the backend. Video production takes a lifetime to master, but there are obvious ways to see great results quickly and we're going to look at them now.

Don't Waste Time Procrastinating

A lot of businesses feel... Read More

What can be more stressful than deleting an important email accidentally and then realizing it later after some time? Most of the emails are recoverable and not gone forever. You can follow these steps for getting back your email. There are many options to get back your mail which includes exploring Trash folder and using a recovery software, and it is not limited to these. Doesn't matter how and when you deleted, you can retrieve the necessary emails using the procedures mentioned.Mainly being checking the trash folder.

1) Trash folder still stores many of deleted Emails

Many people... Read More

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