Wednesday, February 21, 2018

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Most Android phones don’t come with a big internal memory. Having so many files stored in the device, there is no space for other applications anymore. Luckily, some Android phones have a micro SD card slot, which is even up to 200GB. With a SD card inserted into the handset, you can expand your Android storage so that you can download new setups or move earlier applications to the external memory.

Before we start, please note that you must ensure that your Android phone is coupled with a SD card. And if your SD card is damaged, the phone will fail to detect it. Additionally, keep careful... Read More

Nothing is worse than experiencing a virus on your smartphone or tablet device. When you are subject to a virus, you end up losing access to your device, or worse. With free antivirus software, you have the ability to eliminate any viruses from ever accessing your device. Top antivirus software provided by AVG is an essential solution to your virus and security needs. AVG provides a simple solution with a free download or upgradable options so that you can have access to the security you need for your mobile devices. AVG offers a free 30-day trial of their Pro version, which includes a number... Read More

How do you book your cab to any destination? Am I sounding silly while asking this question (because you would have Uber or Ola apps in your mobile phone)? Perhaps I may sound wise after a short while when you would comprehend why I am asking so.

With every tweak in the tech-world, human life goes easier. At first, it gifted websites to shop and then, came the apps. Now, here we have a new invention, i.e. bots or chat bots. The expert developers are thriving new version of apps and devices that have the surety of comfort & profit.

Don’t you agree? Ok, have you heard about... Read More

Humans have five senses- Hearing, touch, smell, taste and sight or can be scientifically called as – Audioception, Tactioception, Olfacoception, Gustaoception and Opthalmoception respectively. All these are very powerful things given to humans, and lack of anyone of them makes the person incomplete. The most important of them is the sense of Sight which allows your eyes to focus and detect images in the presence of light. All this is entirely scientific, and you all are aware of. There is another kind of "Sight" which you all call –“Imagination” which is the power of your brain to create, visualize,... Read More

Technology and social media have a great impact on our everyday lives. Every day, traders wake up and check the market to see how it performed overnight. At the closing of business, another check is done to see how markets in other parts of the world are doing.

Without technology, it would be difficult for traders to know, from the comfort of their homes, how the markets in London, Tokyo, or New York are performing.

Technology plays a big role in how trading companies operate and maintain their competitive edge in day trading. In the past, it was difficult for traders to work... Read More

If you are planning to build a new CMS based website for your business, the first question that strikes is – “which is the best content management system software?” But choosing the best CMS does not end your job. Rather it is important to analyze whether that content management system actually suits your business or not.

Since the company needs vary greatly just like the CMS platforms. There are also situations when companies are stuck on the idea of whether to choose a proprietary or an open source platform.

When you sit down to choose a content management system for building... Read More

The app is known as Jellow Communicator and has several emoticons that help to make the communication better.

The idea of developing such an app originated in 2004 mainly for the children that were suffering from cerebral palsy. Children that are suffering from cerebral palsy have speech difficulties. This affects their ability to communicate. This blocks the learning among the people. It has a greater impact on the cognitive, social and motor development of the children.

How Was The App Initiated?

Initially, the device was made in the form of a hardware. So, the cost was... Read More

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