Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Eni Rethink Energy by Roberto Bolle: the new campaign

Rethink Energy by Roberto Bolle: culture of energy in Eni’s communication

By UfficioStampaEni, 20 hours, 45 minutes ago Sci-Tech - Energy

Knowledge has no dress sense. RIGINAL.

Some people just make my day...specially when you feel an empathy and garner a spoon of amusement from the sometimes sparse bowl.of rigid formality.

By riginal, 20 hours, 46 minutes ago Inspirational

The Selfie is another form of Narcissism

Or is it the only form of self-promotion still left to us?

By Shane Joseph, 20 hours, 46 minutes ago Business - Trends

Reasons Why You Need to Buy Tumblr Followers

Tumblr is one of the greatest micro blogging social sites out there.

By chrisezine, 20 hours, 45 minutes ago Business

Benefits of Superior Vacuum Cleaner

Buy Superior Vacuum Cleaner at Calgary vacuums

By Robbert Smith, 20 hours, 45 minutes ago Sci-Tech - Technology

Wise men say...only fools rash in.RIGINAL.

There should be a national 'happy hour' every hour during which everyone gets to live their most fervent dream job. Garnished with wiser...

By riginal, 20 hours, 45 minutes ago Life


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