Tuesday, December 18, 2018

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The internet is a vast space and offers limitless opportunities. In this space, one can set up a business site, a service providing company and virtually anything. It can also be a site where one wishes to express his/her abilities and uphold the talents in the internet world. The virtual space is expanding the world is growing smaller because millions of people are accessible through the internet form any part of the world. It makes the internet zone the most popular and populated arena of the world.

The determinants that affect visibility in the online world

It has already... Read More

The time of offline based accounting software is gone. Weather it is accounting software or billing software, every software is now in the cloud. It is because cloud technology has lot of benefits. So in this post we are showing you 7 benefits that you can get using a cloud accounting software.


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The custom software development trend is relatively new in the tech world. But this latest boom has its roots set deep in programming. At its core, the aim of custom software development is to create a piece of software designed to cater to the unique needs of the users. What this means is people will no longer be forced to use software just because it’s the industry standard. Indeed, why use something designed with a broad use when custom software development will do exactly what you want it to do.

The Pros:

There are many advantages to custom software, such as getting... Read More

Psiphon is basically a VPN tool (Virtual Private Network) that was started as an Android app and is currently available in the Google Play Store for download. Psiphon lets the user connect to the internet in a secure environment by fake the real IP address with a fake one. This way, no one will be able to track you on the web and all your browsing activity will be private and safe. Psiphon is a must-have tool for those who are very much concerned about their privacy on the web.

Soon a lot of people started using Psiphon to secure themselves on the web. Psiphon not only privatizes... Read More

Advertisement spending has seen an upward curve in the recent years. Technology boom in the recent years can be attributed to it. Organizations now are sure about their target audience adding to precision in positioning their campaigns.

The year 2017 saw companies spending more on digital marketing as per Magna. To put it in numbers, digital advertisement saw a worldwide investment of $ 209 Billion that is 41% of the total expenditure on adverts. Television ads brought 35% of the total cost at $178 Billion. While traditional platforms like TV will have 2.5% rise over the next year,... Read More

I bet you won’t like someone peeking into your messages. But, you can’t stop hackers. Their malicious tendency pushes them to get through your Gmail account. It’s no surprise that most of the cyber spies like to break into your security wall. They want to go through what your mails have. Be it your debit card number or credit card details, they insanely want it at any cost.

However, Google used to follow this route. As a report on the NBC News says, your Gmail messages were not private. It used to scan each and every email & search history for keywords. Thereby, hosts of many... Read More

Being email marketer, you might have envied followers and reach of social media marketer at some point or the other. It is quite natural, mostly in times when many believe that email is dead, which isn’t true to say the least. According to some reports made, around 2.760 billion email users are there in the global platform, which comprises of consumers and businesses. This number isn’t stagnant and on the rise. You have Social media platforms with emails, which are mainly two sides of same coin. Both have individual value and combining them will spell wonder.

One such social media... Read More

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