Sunday, September 23, 2018

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An interesting article in the Australian today claiming that ”teacher’s work is worth $100,000”. I agree with them. And that’s just on a professional level – that doesn’t even begin to calculate the danger money that I, personally, would require to spend each day in a classroom with 24-odd kids. Much as I adore the little darlings.

The article compares the salary of senior level teachers (at a top rate of $75,367) with the salary level of lawyers after six years ($125,800). And, with due respect to lawyers, I take the point. After all, the education of our kids affects their entire... Read More

I received a letter in the mail one day stating that my Bank of America Business card was being closed with no explanation whatsoever. I called them to find out the reason and they told me, due to my ‘inactivity’ they had the right to close it down. The woman also questioned me about some dental charge made months ago stating that seemed to be an inappropriate charge on a business card, making me feel as if I was using my card wrongfully. In addition, I did not get a heads up letter as to what was going to take place, nor did they try to offer transferring my points to my other Bank of America... Read More

Jasmine Joi is a model from Los Angeles. Via phone, she discussed her favorite kinds of modeling, getting comfortable in front of a camera, and her work with

What do you model?

I'm an independent model. I do my website thing. I don't really model for anybody or an agency.

What's your favorite kind of modeling?

Swimwear, lingerie. glamour modeling.

What would you say is the best modeling job you've had so far?

It was around November. I flew to Orlando. I did a complete photo shoot, me and a few other girls. I did some HD video footage. It... Read More

18 months zero interest no payments turned out to be a conspiracy within a conspiracy. This is a Liar Among Us or A Bait and Switch Among Us or both report. My wife told me we needed a new washer, dryer and refrigerator. She’s been unable to find work since being laid off. My hours are cut back due to the drop in gaming. Master Card and VISA with no warning dropped our credit limits last year. That put us immediately over the limits. Master Card and VISA every month began charging us over limit fees. Screw that and screw Master Card and VISA I said. And screw Fair Isaac scores and screw the... Read More

Chrysler LLC asked a bankruptcy court earlier this week to terminate its leases on two corporate planes -- a company asset that had drawn scorn among lawmakers.

You can be certain of one thing. As executives for Chrysler try to dodge a full-blown collapse, they’ll be flying commercial, just like most of us out there in the real world. The next question is: Do you think they’ll be flying first class or coach? (take one guess!)

Chrysler, General Motors Corp. and Ford Motor Co. came under fire in November when their CEOs flew private planes to congressional hearings... Read More

20th Annual Black Business Expo

Los Angeles-An Economic Stimulus package was delivered to local business owners and entrepreneurs gathered at the Los Angeles Convention Center for the Black Business Expo. This year’s theme “Celebrate A Vision of Change-Our Youth, Our Future.” This event is billed as the largest indoor Black Family Reunion. BBX Los Angeles 2009 is sponsored by One United Bank, Farmers and the City of Los Angeles. The dates are May 1, 2 and 3 at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Tom Bradley Hall.

I finally found time to attend events for the... Read More

Jon Stuart of the Daily show just took Jim Cramer of CNBC to task regarding the financial breakdown of our economy and why he and others like himself didn’t tell us this was coming.

Yes this is true, yet however as the ABC reporters mentioned this, my question is, where have those reporters and other network reporters been for the last eight years and where are they now?

There is so much going on behind the scenes and yet again nobody is reporting. Who is really looking into and reporting on things like Guantanamo? It still has prisoners? And what is the story on “Corporate... Read More

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