Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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UK consumers can already turn to mySupermarket for grocery store price comparisons as they shop online. But now reports that access to food nutrition is in the palm of US consumer's hands.

With the use of an iPhone app, Fooducate allows American shoppers to find the healthiest foods through information available on nutrition labels.

Supermarket shoppers must typically make countless product comparisons and decisions as they navigate the aisles of their favourite grocery store, and nutrition information labels only help so much; still lurking unaccounted for in... Read More

As is my usual practice, I arose somewhat early on Sunday November 28, 2010 and decided to check Ebay for what I hoped would be a nice Christmas present from my wife. Experience has taught me that it is not prudent to leave such things up to chance, at least not in my family.

Logging into Ebay I decided to search for a vintage Gibson ES-295, a rather unique and somewhat hard to find guitar. To my surprise, about eighty of these 1950s era electric guitars popped up in my initial search, which is about 79 more than I normally find, if I find any at all. The problem: all these listings... Read More

When someone says they belong to a club, a group, an organization, a cause, or a social community, do you ever wonder if they are a contributor or not? While it's great for any association to have high membership (what good is having 10,000 members if only 200 of them actually give?), to me ... belonging isn't enough. Showing up isn't enough. It takes people getting involved and becoming an integral and pro-active participator in order to make something fabulous thrive and grow. I am not speaking of money, but about time and ingenuity, being a lively producer of content, and a relay beacon... Read More

Is there anything the iPhone can’t do? Did you know your iPhone can now process actual credit card payments. This has huge implications for the smaller business owner and or individual who needs to pay someone but has no cash at the time. A business can use it as a mobile credit card processer wherever they are based. There are three companies battling for the magnetic strip reader for the iPhone market, hoping to win over mobile merchants with alternatives to the larger, hardwired credit card terminals that are used in bricks and mortar retailers.

Jack Dorsey, co-founder and chairman... Read More

If you are one of the few who have not watched the Old Spice YouTube ads, you are missing the most successful viral, video marketing campaigns ever.

Actor and a former, retired football star Isaiah Mustafa, engages viewers with his bare-chested, suave, smooth-talking charm, that has resulted in 10s of millions of views, millions of comments, thousands of tweets to him, including questions from the likes of political commentator George Stephanopolous.

Why has Old Spice been so successful creating such mass viral appeal. Every video they launch receives massive iewership and... Read More

As the summer heat in Washington, D.C. hits 100 degrees, the looming battle in the Senate over the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill plans to increase the temperatures in an already sweltering town. The Senate is expected to vote on this legislation which passed in the House last month in the next few weeks. One provision in this voluminous bill which was added at the 11th hour before the House vote by Congressman Barney Frank, D, N.Y., and Senator Christopher Dodd, D, Conn has raised serious concern by corporate America over its negative impact on their normal business affairs. This is the... Read More

From an early age, we are taught to think of ourselves as individuals valuable to the society we live in. But have you ever wondered how our modern society values your worth? The following anecdote may shed some light on this question.

A company I once worked for manufactured software-testing tools. It was a startup, and its first application was for testing some mission-critical medical equipment. A malfunction could have meant patient’s life, and as we were very proud of our record of reliability, we decided to expand our business to other fields.

It was pre-credit crisis days,... Read More

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