Sunday, May 20, 2018

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As the summer heat in Washington, D.C. hits 100 degrees, the looming battle in the Senate over the Dodd-Frank financial reform bill plans to increase the temperatures in an already sweltering town. The Senate is expected to vote on this legislation which passed in the House last month in the next few weeks. One provision in this voluminous bill which was added at the 11th hour before the House vote by Congressman Barney Frank, D, N.Y., and Senator Christopher Dodd, D, Conn has raised serious concern by corporate America over its negative impact on their normal business affairs. This is the... Read More

From an early age, we are taught to think of ourselves as individuals valuable to the society we live in. But have you ever wondered how our modern society values your worth? The following anecdote may shed some light on this question.

A company I once worked for manufactured software-testing tools. It was a startup, and its first application was for testing some mission-critical medical equipment. A malfunction could have meant patient’s life, and as we were very proud of our record of reliability, we decided to expand our business to other fields.

It was pre-credit crisis days,... Read More

It's a successful restaurant in a successful national chain of restaurants. All day, every day, people troop in, sit down and salivate over book-length menus that, had they been placed before the guests of the Sun King at his court in Versailles, would have caused them to say: "Isn't this a little over the top?

They drink, they nosh, they order, they eat, they cram dessert down on top of everything, and then they waddle off, oblivious to the battle zone a few feet away from them, on the other side of the swinging doors to the kitchen, the central front in the war on famine. There a... Read More

The Church of England announced a decision to divest from Vedanta Resources. The Church stated that ‘we are not satisfied that Vedanta has shown, or is likely in future to show, the level of respect for human rights and local communities that we expect…’ adding that maintaining investments in Vedanta ‘would be inconsistent with the Church investing bodies’ joint ethical investment policy’.

The Church’s decision is extremely unusual, as it almost always prefers a policy of ‘constructive engagement’ to divesting, and is just the latest in a string of PR disasters for the company. Activists... Read More

While the economic climate throughout the past couple of years has left an increasing number of small businesses challenged, forcing some to pull the plug on growth and expansion all together, Flip Flop Shops , North America’s first retail chain exclusive to the hottest brands and latest styles of flip flops and sandals, has defied the odds and grown its network of franchises at a record pace.

Behind the strength and experience of an executive team that boasts a combined 50 years of franchise experience – including the same group of major players who helped build such household... Read More

When I wrote the first line of code of BrooWaha about 3 years ago, I never expected this project to become what it is today. As a graduate student at Georgia Tech in Atlanta, I was merely looking for a side project to apply what I had learned in school for the past 6 years and design my first website from scratch.

About a year after the launch, it became evident that the project had become more than a nerd's toy and needed more attention than I could give it in order to grow. David Cohn joined me in the adventure at this time and brought with him his experience in journalism and new... Read More

For many entrepreneurs in the job placement services, an ever increasing supply of candidates and ever diminishing of positions might have seemed like the perfect storm. But not RiseSmart CEO and founder Sanjay Sathe."We couldn't afford to do the kind of ad campaign that did," said Sathe. "So we had to find a different model and rely on word-of-mouth and viral marketing."While developing a B2B service solution had already been part of Sathe's long-term plan, the recession helped push the idea forward, with plans to leverage the company's B2C offering in order to build interest... Read More

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