Monday, August 20, 2018

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The very rarely used words to describe products of Apple like embarrassing, erroneous, illogical, incomplete, annoying, irking, disgusting, and appalling are now being commonly used with the Apple Maps. The New York Times has declared Apple Maps as an appalling first release in Apple’s history that's also the least usable piece of Apple's software. Earlier this month, Apple launched its own mapping device that created high anticipation among Apple fans. But just within a few days, the negative responses started flowing thick and fast.

Apple Maps, based on mish-mash data, lacks important... Read More

If you conduct business via Skype, it's important to follow these "etiquette" rules when chatting with clients or colleagues. Skype is free to use - just download the software to your computer. Skype offers low-cost calling plans, but instant messaging and Skype-to-Skype calls (including video calls) are free.

1. Don't "shout" when you type. Shouting is the equivalent of typing with all caps. Just be careful when you instant message and make sure your caps lock is turned off. "Shouting" in the cyber world is considered rude.

2. Don't have a one-sided conversation with yourself.... Read More

Nowadays, it’s difficult to explore the Internet and not encounter a social networking or sharing function. With the added factor that many business professionals have a Facebook account, Twitter profile, LinkedIn page, and so on, individuals continue to grow connected online. With the use of social media becoming more and more prolific, the distinction between the professional and personal remains blurry. Stories of the two clashing constantly emerge, whether from managers asking for Facebook passwords or companies monitoring employee Internet use. How do you make sure that your personal life,... Read More

Apple surprised environmental groups and consumers with a sudden withdrawal from a well established and "prominent" green products registry, says the San Jose Mercury News.

Apple will no longer be conforming to the standards set by EPEAT, the eco-friendly certifier backed by the EPA. "Apple has said that their design direction is not compatible with EPEAT standards," says EPEAT boss Robert Frisbee. "It's kind of odd since they've helped design" the standards.

EPEAT stands for the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool and is the method for consumers to assess the... Read More

Putting the finishing touches together on a project I have been putting my life's work into. Looking back at all the sales techniques I instrumented myself. Which ones worked for the majority of people I taught. How they moved through my teaching process and went on to be fantastic salesman. It didn't matter what they sold.

There was a secret. I couldn't teach someone that knew it all. They had there own sales techniques that didn't work. I would pick up people that may have never sold anything in their life before. From that point they were mine to teach, manipulate these sales... Read More

Content marketing is the easiest way to improve your online reputation and showcase your industry expertise. You don't always have to create content on a daily basis. Follow these three three easy steps to repurpose your content. By posting and sharing your valuable (and free) information, you begin a genuine social dialogue among followers and fans. Social media is not a platform to sell your products or services; however, helpful and informative content can capture the attention of your fans down the road. Content marketing is an effective way to generate leads and build your networking contact... Read More

What is the one thing a service-based business dislikes the most? Negative customer feedback broad­casted on social media and review sites for the entire cyber world to read.

Unfortunately, there is always that ONE disgruntled customer that you just can’t please – no matter how hard you try. He or she then decides to write a negative review on your company’s Facebook page, Twitter, Yelp or FourSquare. The post could be true or it could be a lie. But the problem isn’t whether the review is true or false. Despite the nature of the post, it’s not JUST negative feedback that is the ‘big... Read More

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