Sunday, April 22, 2018

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By now, you know my subject-matter is usually travel related. Not today.

An email came into my mailbox today which not only set me off, but has really shaken me to my core in anger. Allow me to share it with you.

I subscribe to a tech newsletter/blogsite call GIZMODO. I have enjoyed a lot of great information from this site and have learned a lot about everything from my laptop and home PC to my Android phone. But today, I really feel like surrendering my phone and going back into the dark ages.

Although I enjoy sharing the information I know about the travel industry,... Read More

Many businesses have already adopted a document management solution for their content due to the numerous advantages it offers, including increased efficiency, disaster recovery capabilities and ease of use. Well, now the healthcare industry can add ‘profit by millions of dollars’ to the list of benefits.

States are beginning to introduce programs to increase the Healthcare industry’s use of document and business process management. The objective is to improve quality of patient care, patient safety and patient involvement in treatment options and is funded by the federal government.

... Read More

IT Pros-Get Trained!

If you are in the IT industry, chances are you have heard of the leader in adaptive learning-Interactive Study Systems / With the economy slowly beginning to recover, CareerSaver wanted to know if IT certifications were still recognized as a valuable commodity in helping one secure a job and advance in said job.

Frederick Dietz, Director of Business Development for ISS / CareerSaver, turned to LinkedIn’s IT members to discover whether the beliefs of those within the IT industry coincided with Careersaver’s. The diversity of professions available... Read More

It's funny how we miss the huge issues streaking toward us as we go about our daily lives. As most of us, myself included, worry about the issues before us today, we almost never see the controversial subject creeping slowly and insidiously into our lives until they're already upon us.

For years now, the readers of future trends have been screaming from the rooftops about RFID chips, and how the intention is to eventually implant a chip into every human being on the planet as well as everything that is manufactured on the planet. RFID, or Radio Frequency Identification, is already implanted... Read More

Couples in troubled relationships can already turn to print and online advice columnists. Now reports that a newer option, however, is to use technology to help prevent such disagreements from ever arising. That's the premise behind Tokii, which bills itself as the world's first relationship management platform.

Now in beta, Canadian Tokii is a free site that aims to help couples improve their relationships in a playful, easy way through interactive tools and games. The site's TradingPost tool, for example, helps couples negotiate for what they want — a back rub,... Read More

Recently, at a show in NYC, I witnessed something first-hand that was, for me, symptomatic of a larger trend riddled with irony. As the headlining band was playing, arms seemed to sprout up all around me. Each pair was trying to steady a camera or Iphone at their apex. Movement to the rhythm ceased as the occasional flash went off from the less inhibited (or tech-savy). Shortly after, you have the customary proof-reading, marked by faces angled downward towards the illumination of their little toys.

What made this noteworthy for me, was not only the sheer number of people engaging in... Read More

It's not uncommon for educators to use student response systems (SRS) to engage their students and assess learning through polls, quizzes and other interactive tools.

Most such systems rely on specialized devices known as “clickers,” however, and they're also typically expensive and difficult to use without training.

Now, news from says Top Hat Monocle, a Canadian company that has developed a system in which students can use the portable devices they already have, including cell phones, laptops and iPods.

Teachers begin with Top Hat's monocleCAT by registering... Read More

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