Friday, October 20, 2017

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Marketing is dynamic owing to the emergence of cutting edge techniques, much lauded and prompted social media, and integrated cloud computing system. Perplexity towards a missing customer connection, despite the availability of an adroit two way channel deserves an explanation. Answer is, profound data, good connection; no data, no connection.

Digital marketing personnel often sing the blues of their dying campaign as significance of irrelevant, out-of-date, incorrect and sparse information. Market expansion and influx of buyers, in turn, claim how important is to capture far looked-for... Read More

Are you going to revamp your business site with WordPress theme? Do you have any idea about what should be considered before purchasing theme for your business? If not, then go through this post and check out some important points that you have to consider while buying theme for business site.

Read Full Story Here: 6 Things to Consider When Picking Out WordPress Template for Business

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At this time people know to market their business using facebook, I can say there are more than 1000 million users on the social networking site. We are going to discuss some hot trend trick to market your business on facebook. Here are few things you must avoid

Not filling out all the page perfectly

This is the one big mistake that people don’t fill all the information on it. People like to visit the page which is real and genuine. Facebook also help your page to move if you fill your all details likes real address, phone number and email etc.

If you have website then... Read More

In spite of what many self-claimed soothsayers might be telling you, print is not only alive, but also thriving and still highly effective! The same is true for a print portfolio as well; even if you have posted all your graphic design work online, creating a high-quality printed portfolio can be highly beneficial for you.

There are many advantages of creating a printed graphic design portfolio. A well-designed print portfolio can impress your clients and create a strong perception about you or your brand. Let's take a look at 5 tips for creating a stunning printed graphic design portfolio.

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Data security is a common concern when businesses are considering a partial or full move into Cloud computing. Even though the risks may actually be minimal, the perception can often be all that matters, especially to clients who may not like the idea for instance of their details being stored off-site by a 3rd party.

In fact for those in the know, Cloud computing carries multiple benefits for the security-conscious business. Let’s take a look at a few of them:

Faster Updates

Companies hire software applications from their Cloud provider for an agreed rate. Commonly, during... Read More

Google continues to update its search engine to ensure that the user has the best experience when making a search and one of its most recent updates is to optimise mobile listings.

Websites geared up for mobile have been something pushed by Google for a while now and as it makes more changes, it becomes more apparent why it is forcing people to turn to mobile too.

The rise of tablets and smartphones has sky-rocketed over the last year or so and Google has evolved with this rise. They have changed the way they display their mobile search results and if you are currently number... Read More

Video is a powerful tool and continues prove its power across the world. Video and broadcasting technology have been working together for some time now and have helped bring education to the unreachable, the uninspired and even the disconnected.

Video content is not something new but bringing a high definition learning experience is something that is embracing the world by storm. In fact edX, an online educational platform, has attracted around 800,000 students across the globe spanning 192 countries.

In the UK, Futurelearn has attracted 21 of the UK’s top Universities and expects... Read More

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