Thursday, March 22, 2018

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Choosing the right programming language is a critical decision for every mobile app developer. They are often required to create apps that run across different platforms. This decision involves considering a few important factors like:

Which Mobile Operating System the app will run on - Android, iOS or both? What functionality is required to build your app? And most importantly, which programming language provides ease and speed of writing the code?

Getting clarity on these questions can go a long way in selecting an ideal programming language for your mobile app development. Here... Read More

Magento is the most popular open source Ecommerce platform that allows starting business online. If we investigate some topics about Magento, we discover a matter of dispute concerning what is better: SaaS or open source technologies. In fact, there is no single answer, what is better if we consider the issue in the context of cloud computing and self-hosted solutions. The platform has a number of advantages, which we consider to make the topic clear for merchants – potential Magento online store owners.

It is a free solution

It is very important to clarify. You can find available... Read More

Do you know a user friendly site with awesome navigation can actually bring loads of increasing traffic?

Are you aware as the owner of e-commerce portal, that the “simplest and easiest checkout” process will bring more sales?

Well, if you are looking for “wonderfully power packed tools” which can actually optimize search engines in most of your target countries like U.S, U.K etc, then interestingly Magento Extensions will do the work for you. Since, Amazon, Google shopping and eBay gives you the luxury of displaying your product links amongst host of never ending clients’ base.

... Read More

Pay Per Click (or PPC) Management is an important part of any online marketing campaign, but it should be at the forefront of your efforts early on. It’s the single fastest way to get your brand appearing on search engine results pages (also known as SERPs), but it does come at a cost. That’s why you want to use it to come out of the gates running, and gradually scale back and refine your PPC efforts as you improve your natural search engine marketing campaign (appearing higher on SERPs because of a combined effort to optimize your website and begin a long-term SEO campaign).

Here’s... Read More

You've already setup an online store, put up a few of your advertisements, & now you waiting for the millions of people to come to site & buy, buy & buy? If so, unfortunately this is not going to work as there are lots of new products, & shoppers who are continuously bombarded by competing ads everywhere they click. So you must try something new. You must try an affiliate marketing company, which creates or is creating affiliate blogs in difficult niches. Affiliate marketing is as simplified as paying somebody (usually a company who runs affiliate programs, a popular website,... Read More

Most businesses require regular and ad hoc reports on stored data that has been acquired over time. It’s quite common for upper management to base policy and strategy decisions on reports, while various departments such as marketing will adjust their efforts in response to the information extracted from data reports.

To make it simpler for other programs to access data through them, most database software support a computer language called "SQL" (which is often pronounced as "sequel"). SQL was specifically designed for that purpose. Programs that want the database software to handle... Read More

With the availability and expansion of the internet, playing games online is increasingly becoming famous. The quick internet connection brings a lot of benefits to people as they get entertained when playing. But should you play games online? Well, with the availability of the media and the expansion of the gaming platforms playing online games have now become very important.

Benefits of playing games online

According to studies, online games can improve decision making, cognitive flexibility, and hand-eye coordination. Despite the popular belief, online games are not only inclusive... Read More

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