Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Every single day we have new mobile smartphone users that connect to the internet and download apps. That number will always go up since we are faced with hundreds of opportunities and new technology that is used. We are faced with so many app developers from UK and from all around the world that are capable of offering businesses exactly what they need on site. With this in mind, how can we not take a closer look at the really popular mobile app development trends of the moment?

Android Is Heading To The Top

Android is definitely the market leader and the one that needs to be... Read More

SaaS CRM (Software as a Service Customer Relationship Management) is a software usage model where a vendor licenses a software system that is to be used as a service on demand via pay as you go or time subscription.

When it comes to a SaaS CRM software, you only require a computer that has an internet connectivity to run the CRM software instead of purchasing a hardware and software. So, take a closer look at the following five best SaaS-based CRM software for your business.

5 Best SaaS CRM Systems For Cloud Businesses:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM: Dynamics CRM is an incredible... Read More

Like it or not, driverless cars will soon be driving down the street. What was once a fanciful dream of some IT geek is now a certain reality. I recently wrote about driverless cars inevitably making the roads safer. Indeed, the only thing more exciting to me would be if there were no cars on the road at all.

Fact: people are bad drivers. Not me or you, of course, just other drivers are the bad ones. It’s in human’s selfish nature to only see the road from their own perspective. We have a really hard time putting ourselves in the minds of others and being empathetic to their situation.

... Read More

What to do with

Entering the 192.168.l.0 IP address, you will definitely get a full authorization about it. Once you reach the administration area, it is possible to customize the configuration settings and setups your wireless router brings alone. You can decide what you should adjust: wi-fi, port forwarding, networking security and many others. Understanding the router IP and password will allow it to become simple for you to adjust its configuration settings after you connect with the computer network.

The default IP is probably the most common today... Read More

Auto-Magically Check for Bad Links

This tutorial will help identify broken links from a list of URLs in Excel. I’ve outlined everything step by step, all you need is a few minutes and Microsoft Excel. In the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) world, running backlink reports is commonplace for SEO ranking. It’s good practice to run backlink reports of competitors; see who’s linking to them and outreach for a link to be placed next to them, or better yet, replace your competitors link. This can be a time-consuming task. Oftentimes you have to sift through 1,000s of sites. It’s good practice... Read More

How do you get more likes and followers on Instagram? This is easier said than done, but we have go some useful tips for you. Here are tips to help you get more followers and likes.

1. Post At The Right Time

Remember this, the people who follow you may not all be on the same time and you should have an idea of when they check their Instagram. Many people go on Instagram first thing in the morning, while others do it in the evening or while they are on a lunch break at work. With that said, the idea time to post to Instagram is on Wednesdays between five and six at night.

Brands... Read More

A responsive and functional web design is the key to a high converting eCommerce store. From selling clothes, hand-crafted items, memorabilia, electronics, or just anything else, Bigcommerce is a great choice for anyone looking to establish their online presence.

There are many successful eCommerce stores built using Bigcommerce themes that are natively available at no cost. Although Bigcommerce in itself is a paid service but some good things in life are available for free. With Bigcommerce theme integration, it is easy to make aesthetics and functional navigation of your store attractive.... Read More

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