Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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eCommerce and eBusiness are terms that are often used interchangeably. The reason is they are closely interconnected. But there's a fair amount of difference between them which is important for every business to understand. So, let's understand and go through each term in detail.

What is eCommerce?

eCommerce stands for electronic commerce. It is a process of buying and selling of goods or services over the internet. Some real examples of eCommerce include online shopping, online banking, online ticket booking, etc. eCommerce basically requires a website where a seller communicates... Read More

The great thing about airless sprayers is also about the fact that you can paint basically everything with it, whether it is a wall, a piece of furniture, a car, or even some RIM equipment. The basic operation process of an airless paint sprayer is as follows. The machine pumps paint at a very high pressure through a very tight hose and then it goes out of a tiny hole in the tip of a spray gun. The tip evenly breaks up the paint into spray. With the help of different tips you are able to spray thin liquids with flawless quality of coating. Furthermore, when using airless spray machines you... Read More

Many years ago, one was able to replace his or her catalytic converter when it had become plugged or if your car had failed a regular smog check. Contemporary cars now feature special on-board diagnostics which was created to monitor catalytic operation and so set catalytic related codes if any kind of fault is detected. The most frequent codes are P0420 or P0430 which if put into the easy explanatory words can be decoded to simply indicate that the converter system on bank number 1 or 2 has failed and requires replacement or renovation.

Before replacing the old catalytic converter... Read More

Sitecore is a global software company that provides two major services namely; a powerful and comprehensive CMS (Content Management System) and, a fully-modified DMS (Digital Marketing System).

Sitecore – An introduction

Built originally on ASP.NET, Sitecore nowadays is a leader in enterprise-level CMSs allowing web content editors and marketers to fully leverage all the aspects of a website. This includes social integration, blog posts, advanced customisation, e-commerce and much more. It originated in 2001 using .NET language platform and gained a worldwide reputation... Read More

Choosing the right programming language is a critical decision for every mobile app developer. They are often required to create apps that run across different platforms. This decision involves considering a few important factors like:

Which Mobile Operating System the app will run on - Android, iOS or both? What functionality is required to build your app? And most importantly, which programming language provides ease and speed of writing the code?

Getting clarity on these questions can go a long way in selecting an ideal programming language for your mobile app development. Here... Read More

Magento is the most popular open source Ecommerce platform that allows starting business online. If we investigate some topics about Magento, we discover a matter of dispute concerning what is better: SaaS or open source technologies. In fact, there is no single answer, what is better if we consider the issue in the context of cloud computing and self-hosted solutions. The platform has a number of advantages, which we consider to make the topic clear for merchants – potential Magento online store owners.

It is a free solution

It is very important to clarify. You can find available... Read More

Do you know a user friendly site with awesome navigation can actually bring loads of increasing traffic?

Are you aware as the owner of e-commerce portal, that the “simplest and easiest checkout” process will bring more sales?

Well, if you are looking for “wonderfully power packed tools” which can actually optimize search engines in most of your target countries like U.S, U.K etc, then interestingly Magento Extensions will do the work for you. Since, Amazon, Google shopping and eBay gives you the luxury of displaying your product links amongst host of never ending clients’ base.

... Read More

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