Wednesday, March 21, 2018

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Live Scan is also called as an Inkless electronic fingerprinting. DOJ or FBI receive the applicants fingerprints directly through electronic transmissions for evaluating the presence of criminal records. Live Scan is a perfect replacement of age-old technique of recording the finger prints manually by rolling them through ink. Though the process is still being followed in many sections, fingerprints digitization makes the process faster and we can trasmit the fingerprints in a matter of seconds compared to the days in hard copy technique.

Live Scan services are available in many areas... Read More

Soda blasting technique is utilized by many organizations and it has also been used in the restoration process of the “Statue of Liberty”. It was done with soda blasting because the statue of liberty consists of very delicate copper skin, which can be harmed easily by abrasive blasting or using sand.

These processes require a soda blast cabinet which holds all the blasting material into it. It is also required to remove fungus deposits, dirt, and contaminations. The soda blasting uses Eco-friendly and less dangerous materials for blasting on surfaces, but it is equally strong as compared... Read More

There are billions of Android apps available for your android smartphone. Each and everyday there are tons of developers who release tons of new apps on Google play store and in other third party app store. Some apps takes a lots of storage and after sometimes it acquire more storage than before with all it’s cache data and other stuff. All the Android smartphone and smartphone in general have a limited storage. No one carries a 128GB internal memory smartphone well some might do but that is not with most of the Smartphone users.

Apps and other media stuff takes a lot of space in your... Read More

The Google Play Store is one of the best one stop destinations for every android user to try out the latest and greatest android apps in the market. However there are times when users do not get access to download certain apps they wish for. The reason behind it may be the app not being localized for the region or it doesn’t meet the requirements to be available in the country. Now for the users who wish to get these apps, there are a number of secondary marketplaces like third party App Stores.

Let us take a look at what different App Stores have in offering:

1.Amazon App Store... Read More

There can be effective solutions as handling a call properly; shows quality and care for your patients. You do not only have to be available in person but you must call back immediately. After all, could mean a life is dependent on your response. For this reason, having a medical answering service is more than a customer solution for you but a life savior, too!

Communication between a patient & doctor is everything!

You can finish your shift in peace knowing that someone will be dealing with calls during your absence. If you are just starting out, this first step is a must!

... Read More

Micromax can be easily termed as one of the major manufacturer of sleek mobile phones. It captured the market first with low on price but high on performance devices and now with the Canvas model it is trying to capture the high-end Smartphones market too. When you will compare the features that Micromax provides with some other high end devices then you will see that it is almost at par with them but the price is much lower. This technique has helped Micromax a lot in getting a hold of the market and now when Micromax devices are all around therefore it is very important that the PC suite... Read More

YouTube has been a source of entertainment for a long time now. Starting from watching your favorite videos to downloading them so that you can watch them later, you can do anything you want. But all this serves to no purpose if your internet connection is too slow as YouTube will take its own sweet time to buffer. Sometimes you will find 2 minutes video taking 20 minutes to buffer this make the experience a bitter one. But most of us compromise with this situation thinking that there is no way out and we can only increase the buffering speed by increasing the internet connection! But that... Read More

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