Wednesday, October 18, 2017

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Mobile phone apps are attached to every big name, business, and conglomerate out there in the world now. There is an app for the weather, an app for games, even an app for food. Apps are big business. If you are reading this, as a startup company, small or medium size business, you may not think that there is much use in having a mobile phone application. But there may be more advantages than you realize. In this article, I will lay out some reasons why it may benefit your business in more ways than one.

Continuous Contact With The Customer

As mobile phones are almost the main... Read More

Washington (AP) - Scientist expertly probes the donated placenta after the birth, with the attached bluish umbilical cord. The most mysterious organ of the body inside of which lies the secrets of life that how does it give birth, and its sneak past protective barrier to even the infections like Zika virus.

The major research is underway in the labs around the country, to finally understand and handle the floppy, bloody tissue that often goes dismissed after the birth, the organ that lives only about the nine months of the period and then discarded. The placenta is considered as the... Read More

Safeguarding your business against anything malicious that may cause your systems to become destroyed is essential, a disaster recovery plan can help to prevent a crisis from happening in the first place but it also puts a procedure in place if the worst was unfortunately to happen. An attack on your system could mean that you lose extremely important data or you may not be able to continue to run your business for a period of time, all of this can be costly to you and your business. If you haven’t got a disaster recovery plan in place or you haven’t reviewed your current one recently you need... Read More

Those giant books with thousands of pages are nearly extinct. Many of those books are in our homes with tons of dust on them and completely useless, Are they obsoletes?

Seemingly, those directories are obsoleted due the fast-pacing power which is technology on these days. Instead of searching for hours to find a telephone number, location or whatever on those directories, you can find all kind of information on the Internet within seconds.

Having said that, directories are not obsoleted. They were replaced with something better. Such a nostalgic feeling we felt when we think in... Read More

Animals have always been the key strength in most industrial identities and are solely responsible for the colossal profits an organization reaps in terms of the reach a specific industry creates & obviously the product would play the secondary role. – This is the truth! No matter how good a product the primary reason why a customer would want to walk in to a store, a website, or even read a banner or a pamphlet is because of the logo makers creativity to be able to incorporate attractive effects within an Animals and Pets Logo Design or on the contrary, for any other industry.

What... Read More

Image By The Co-op Group

Key developments in technology have had major impacts on the world of business. Every stage of the business process, from development to delivering products to the customers, has benefited a lot from these. 3D printing is one such advanced technology that has created quite a stir in various industries.

The power of 3D printing has moved well beyond its initial stage and has reached right in the homes of the masses. Today, printing shoes, functional musical instruments, chess sets etc. from the comfort of your home isn't uncommon. In fact, 3D printing... Read More

The era of digitisation has had a direct impact on business decisions. Marketers are constantly in search of new and improved ways to incorporate the digital maturity into businesses for better outcomes.

With the requirement of businesses to spread awareness, digital storytelling has turned out to be an effective buzzword. Stories have the power to drive change by engaging customers.


Stories inspire us. They help us remember concepts and ideas in a way that data and graphs don't. Therefore, storytelling with the help of digital channels provides just the opportunity... Read More

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