Friday, June 22, 2018

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Mac users swear by the quality that it provides, the confidence that it gives its users is top notch. Macs come with the best of everything, hardware components, stable operating system, latest processors, and graphics from Intel, advanced and up to date technology and reliability.

Macs are loaded with all good things and the users feel good while using it too. Despite all the good and best added in it, Macs are not free of troubles and issues. Issues such as slow processing, minor to complete system failure, speed issues and such are very much a part of the Mac’s life. Add into that... Read More

It’s enough to lay down as much as 80 percent on the average rent in the US, which is just $1,231. It could fund most of your travel expenses with a return flight to Europe. You could even buy 202 grande pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks, at $4.95 each, if you wished it so. Many a basic bitch have.

Or, it could buy you the new iPhone X.

Starting at $1,000, the iPhone X is Apple’s most expensive handset ever. In other countries, it’s even pricier. UK Apple addicts will have to lay down £999, or $1,342 USD. In Russia, iPhone buys you at 79,990?, or $1,378 USD. In Italy, it’s... Read More

How malicious code can hurt your website

It will be fair to admit that over the last few years the malware business on the internet has been growing constantly. Nowadays, hacking websites is a niche service that you can get online for a certain price. But we will not talk about how to hack someone’s website, we will see what we can do with the website malware and malicious code in your WordPress website.

Sometimes, when you get a theme on some marketplace from a random author, you feel like you’ve got yourself a new Camaro, but the reality is cruel and the appearance of the template... Read More

Domain names are an essential part of your web address. If you are planning to establish a professional tech blog than the first thing you have to do is buy a domain name for your it. Every business must have a unique URL which is considered their web address. A domain name is just another name of your can website address. A domain name works as identifiers and has a key role in internet infrastructure. You can register domain name for your website by registering on a domain name services registrar. They can provide domain name for your website at very low cost.

This human-readable... Read More

With the increase in the number of theft and burgling cases across the globe, people have become immensely cautious of home security. The use of home security system is a must need in the modern day generation. In the last few years, the sales of such systems have increased rapidly. Lots of famous brands make these systems, and each of these comes with plenty of features. Choosing the right system is very important so that your requirements are met and that you end up buying one that is worth the penny spent on it. By reading the home security system reviews, you will be able to choose a good... Read More

1- The JavaScript Object Notation - JSON

JSON is the data exchange format used for Node.js. It assists in quick the construction of APIs and fosters scalable interoperability.

2- Faster Programming

Node.js is a highly-customizable stripped-down V8 server engine that compiles and executes JavaScript at enormous speed. JavaScript forms its native machine code. Node.js ships with robust connectors and libraries for supporting compression, HTTP, SSL, file system access, UDP and raw TCP. With a fine-tuned event loop environment for network events and GUI; Node.js ensures asynchronous... Read More

Every year, thousands of people get sick and die thanks to food poisoning. According to data from the Independent newspaper in London, more than 420,000 die every year, just because of contaminants in food. That’s more than half the number killed on the roads.

With lawsuits for food poisoning on the rise, scientists are looking for ways to reduce the risk posed by the current food production system. Rather than going down the usual public health route, they’ve chosen to try out a new line of attack - using whole genome sequencing technology to trace outbreaks to their source.

One... Read More

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