Thursday, September 20, 2018

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Widespread electromagnetic radiation is the byproduct of the mass adoption of electronic devices and wireless systems. This unwanted energy radiation triggers a crosstalk between electrical and electronic equipment, eventually causing all of them to malfunction. Over-exposure to such radiations is also harmful to human health. Providing solution to this problem is, therefore, a top concern for researchers and industry players. One of the ways of containing electromagnetic radiation is using a shield that can efficiently handle free charges within a circuit. Metallic gaskets have long been a... Read More

Communication is the tool for getting in touch with the target customer base of any business. While there are different media channels to do so, one of the fastest and cost effective way to get started is by using business text messaging tool. This helps to create a sales funnel effortlessly and within a short time span. It can also prove to be an effective tool for communicating with people within a team or company.

How it works?

Business text messaging services allow a customer to send across text messages in bulk within a time span of less than thirty seconds. Text messages... Read More

Now, parents want to receive SMS from the school to check attendance of child. RFID helps to send the alert message to parents. The tool tracks individual attendance with the help of ID card of the student and sends the message immediately to the mobile number of a specific child. It stores data by using cloud or web server. SMS attendance system

sends the message to their parents when they enter and leaves school on academic premises. Most of the schools are installed this system to offer attendance information of student via SMS. It takes few minutes to collecting data of students... Read More

An innovative device that transfer data while charging at the same time! Now that is what I call performance intelligence.

Suitable for your MacBook or Chromebook pixel and likes, this USB-c hub is a hi-tech gadget that should be a must on your list.

The USB-c hub is an advanced integrated and a multifunctional c type adapter that identifies between 14.5v and 20v. It’s the best gadget that you can get for yourself today.

So what does the Lavakare include?

Well, there’s good news, the usb-c hub is accompanied by three ports of USB 3.0, it has 1 HDMI output, 1 Ethernet... Read More

Have you heard about the amazing power of biodiesel? This technological wonder is a renewable, powerful, and clean-burning fuel. The properties of biodiesel are quite simple. A chemical reaction turns organic fat into consumable fuel. Straight vegetable oil can be used; waste oil can be used as well. Could you imagine pulling up to a fast-food restaurant and filling up your vehicle? With a little bit of equipment and technical skill, you can upgrade any diesel burner to biodiesel.

Biodiesel can power anything from passenger buses to generators. Most diesel engines can run on biofuel... Read More

Instead of a steely, clichéd logo, make sure to use a colorful design for your brand. No one’s exactly sure why, but we as humans respond to color on a visceral level. Indeed, in a study called Impact of Color in Marketing, researchers found that up to ninety percent of quick judgements on products are made based just on the color. Beyond that, how colors affect the individual consumer is up to conjecture. If it were scientific fact that blue signage brought in more customers than red, Coca-Cola would rebrand tomorrow. But in the case of color, it’s mostly a subjective field. That’s not to... Read More

Growth of ecommerce and digitalization has written a new chapter in the world of trade and commerce. Conventional marketing methods are now being replaced by more modern and advanced digital marketing techniques.

The digital marketing techniques allow access to global market cater to customers worldwide and opens new gates of success for business growth and development.

Digital marketing helps in bringing traffic to your website, making you visible and accessible to more potential customers. Helps you to target global market and stand competition. Entices customers and... Read More

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