Monday, August 20, 2018

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I have been a Casa Bianca lover for over 10 years now and to this day, I think they have one of the best pizzas in town and is definitely deserving of the kudos that I'm giving it. Before I say anymore, I should preface that the praise is really just for the pizza. I've tried their various pasta offerings over the years and have never been wowed by any of them. As for the pizza, there are so many reasons why I love it, that I almost don't know where to start, so I'll just start from the bottom and work my way up. First, I love the crust. Without fail, it's always thin, light and crusty and... Read More

It's amazing who you can meet at the grocery store. My fiance and I were at the Marina Safeway in San Francisco yesterday when I saw a woman who looked familiar. I'm really bad at remembering names, but I never forget a face. I also don't have a problem bothering celebrities in public. It took me a few minutes to figure out who she was, but then I realized it was one of the contestants from one of my favorite reality shows, Top Chef. Her name is Marisa Churchill and she lives in the Fillmore District. I walked up to her and immediately struck up a conversation. In the Top Chef II series,... Read More

Phillipe Starck’s artistic vision collides with the culinary mastery of Sushi Chef Katsuya Uechi. Prepare yourself for the rebirth of upscale American dining. SBE Restaurant Group has invented a concept that is worthy of its own religious following—with patrons like Dustin, Angelina and Reese already holding court. From the arresting design, delectable cuisine and smart technologies to the ultra-hip vibe and extraordinary service, Katsuya sets the standard for a new wave in restaurateuring. Located where new and old money meet, in LA’s popular Brentwood district, Katsuya restaurant... Read More

My favorite bar in San Francisco has to be the "Bus Stop" at the corner of Union and Laguna Streets. It's a really fun spot that attracts two very different types of crowds, one during the day and another at night. When the sun is shining, The Bus Stop crowd is comprised primarily of locals and working stiffs like firemen, teachers, nurses, cops and plumbers. There is also a group of retired old-timers that come in there during the day. These folks are great to talk to and love to engage other patrons in conversations about everything from sports to movies to politics, even religion. As... Read More

The other night I was walking my two dogs near Octavia and Green Streets, when a driver from EXTREME PIZZA rolled through a stop sign and barely missed hitting me and my mutts with his vehicle. Had I not stopped suddenly I would have been seriously injured. This is not the first time this has happened. Pizza drivers drive fast, just like cab drivers, which is to be expected in this city, but the drivers for EXTREME PIZZA are by far the worst. In case you have not noticed, pedestrians are an endangered species in this area, especially around Union Street. I have seen numerous people on foot... Read More

Canadian law states that grapes must be harvested and pressed at temperatures of less than -8C to be considered icewine, with similar standards in the States. This hard freeze results in a more concentrated juice, which then results in a sweet, golden elixir served with desert. Typically icewine regions in North America see these temperatures around Christmas. The trouble is that if the grapes hang for too long on the vine, they begin to shrink and rot. So far, it seems only Jost Vineyards of Nova Scotia, one winery of dozens afflicted by the unseasonal warmth, has seen temperatures cold... Read More

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