Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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These are three restaurants I recently reviewed for What a great gig! I get to eat incredible food in amazing settings and best of all--they pay me!

There is a spot on the Mendocino Coast called Stevenswood Spa Resort (or the Restaurant at Stevenswood; 8211 North Highway One; (707) 937-2810; that serves some incredible contemporary American cuisine that is both inspired and creative, using the best fresh and local ingredients you'll find anywhere in Northern California. This secluded, tranquil resort and spa is amazing all by itself; but when you... Read More

Unusual Foods, or Food that is Different to a Caucasian Westerner What is the strangest food you have eaten or seen served, or read about? Travelling and living and working in different countries and cultures has often led me into sitting staring at something served on a plate in front of me that I either just do not wish to eat, or the odour of which, to me, is absolutely appalling. Let me try and explain some incidents when I have not been able to eat the meal placed in front of me. Recently, in Korea, I was taken to lunch by a very attractive Korean girl, who took me to a Restaurant and... Read More

PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR! If you are expecting to read about keg stands, crusty nacho cheese and mandatory hot party girls, stop reading now because I have nothing in this article about any of that. Well ok, maybe the girls. Other than that you are going to get a crash course in how to prepare for a great party. It took me years to learn some of this stuff, so pay attention. If you are like 99.5% of the American population, you don't have enough hours in the day. Most couples, friends, family, and work contacts communicate by texting, cell phones, emails and meals. Meeting for dinner... Read More

When most people think of the Baja region of Mexico, what usually comes to mind are nights of partying, boozing and jumping from bar to bar by local college kids willing to cross the border to find a good time. Delicious food and culinary finds may not be words you'd associate with cities like Tijuana, Ensenada and any other small towns in between. It wasn't until I took a whirlwind one day excursion with Tasty Tours led by Bill Esparza down to Baja, that my eyes were finally opened to many tasty possibilities. The morning started with us driving into Tijuana and starting with what I'll refer... Read More

Today was a typical morning for me and I rolled out of bed with great expectation and with supreme enthusiasm only to discover that my chocolate sushi bar had been raided by my nieces and nephews last night (all the delicious candy was gone).

As a chocolate lover I was sort of bereaved and stood beside myself with grief as the constant urge for my synthetic high took over my senses, I really wanted to chastise them for being so inconsiderate but I just decided to change the location of my stash the next time they are over to spend the night.

I recognize this was a big deal to... Read More

Ahhh Cheese. Just thinking about its ooey gooey melted goodness makes my mouth water. I do believe cheese may be the world's most perfect food. It's all natural and comes from cows. Of course lots of other good stuff comes from cows, things like milk and steak, but cheese takes the cake. Speaking of cake, let's talk about my favorite food to ever be made with cheese. I am speaking of course about cheesecake. Glorious, glorious cheesecake. Is there a better food known to man? I think not. You can try to argue the opposite, but I won't listen because you will just be wasting your breath.... Read More

There are some really great chefs hosting some amazing cooking shows on TV right now. They make great food and some of them aren't too hard on the eyes. My fiance won't admit it, but I know she has a crush on Tyler Florence, who used to do a show called Food 911 on the Food Network and now hosts Tyler's Ultimate. Whenever she watches his show, she starts to salivate. And I have a feeling she's not drooling over the recipes. My personal favorite is Giada De Laurentiis. She makes wonderful dishes, primarily Italian cuisine, but she's also really hot. One thing you'll notice when you see Giada's... Read More

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