Sunday, April 22, 2018

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We went to Alive! the other day and to say that I was reticent is putting it mildly. I must admit, I am not exactly what you’d call a disciple of this raw food movement. I am still very comfortable and quite used to food that has been cooked. I will take a boiled carrot (al dente, of course—I gotta have that crunch) over a raw one every time. I like sushi and steak tartare, but I’ll opt for the cooked versions over the raw ones if given the choice.

But, when we visited Alive! recently, we were more than pleasantly surprised. Described on their menu as a “serene... Read More

This past weekend, The Funny Indian, Rajiv Satyal (see my previous article for this) was auditioning for a gig at the prestigious Montreal Comedy festival. It was taking place at the Unknown theatre in Los Angeles.

As usual, my boyfriend and I arrived early and were to meet some other friends as well. We met one and while waiting for our other friends, we were looking to find something to drink and pass the time away. Anyone who knows this area of Santa Monica Blvd, knows there’s not much happening there, but on the corner of SM, a block down from Seward, we popped into a little café... Read More

I'm a vegetarian with "meat envy".No, this is not the tale of an average sized male nor the story of a mfm sex addict on Craigslist. I am a vegetarian who still craves meat but refuses to indulge my longings; in much the same way Brad Pitt refused to feast on blood in Interview With A Vampire. So, when "you know who" (from my Fellini review) and his son arrived into town, I thought, "Who better to dine with than two other people suffering from vegetarian denial? In my case, I deny myself meat. In their case, they deny loving meat."Now that we have so much in common I took them to Symphonie.Mandalay... Read More





One of my favorite scenes from The Simpsons is when Bart is asked to say grace before dinner and he quite eloquently proclaims, "Dear god, we paid for all of this stuff ourselves, so thanks for nothing."

Of course Bart wasn't wrong. His family did work hard for the money and so they in fact provided their own damn groceries, didn't they? Well, what Bart was missing, and most folks in America these days, is that none of us could be who we are and where we are without the contributions of so many others.

Who planted and... Read More

I have a lot of vegetarian friends and relatives and I was vegetarian for a couple of years in college myself. However, I was never one of those vegetarians who forgot what meat tasted like, and I never ate tofu and believed it was meat.I have a loved one who was often times guilty of this trick of the mind. Once we went to a vegan chinese restaurant in so cal, and we had vegan sweet and sour pork, vegan tin foil duck, and vegan mongolian beef. It was bad enough that it wasn't anything real chinese people would actually order, but made metaphorical by the fact that it wasn't even real meat. My... Read More

Did you ask me what I like about Delfina? Was that you or someone else? Because somebody asked me that question the other day and I was either too busy or too distracted to give them a quality response. So here goes--the top 5 reasons why I like Delfina:

1.) Delfina serves good food simply. I hate it when decent chefs show off and put strawberries on salmon or use 45 ingredients to make a $30 version of mac and cheese. Delfina serves food that uses great ingredients and then gets out of the way. I am so tired of heavily sauced, cheese covered and over seasoned food.

2.) The service... Read More

What’s common between Israel, Manhattan, New York and amchi Mumbai? Well it’s the Piping hot Pita bread with falafel and hummus. One fine afternoon when I was taking a stroll with my eight year old to have our fix of Gelato dessert, mind you I have only Gelatos (it’s 99% fat free) because I feel less guilty for having those dollops of extra calories if I eat Baskin Robbins or other frozen desserts and ice cream. We didn’t get our Gelatos and were taken by a pleasant surprise as instead of Gelatos we walked in at Falafel’s Veg Hummus House in Lokhandwala (gelatos has shifted, don’t know where)

... Read More

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