Saturday, January 19, 2019

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With the nights drawing in earlier and the ice starting to appear, you need hearty warm food to keep you going.

Here is a casserole recipe that will warm and it cost less than a fiver. And its so easy to make that santa wont need any help at all from his elves.

Winter Warming Casserole

500g Casserole Beef

1 x Packet of a Casserole Vegetable Mix

5 x Medium Sized New Potatoes

1 tsp Thyme

Salt & Pepper

½ tsp Chilli Flakes

Gravy Powder

2 x Beef Stock Cubes


In a casserole pan, lightly fry the beef in a... Read More

Al’s French Diner

Other children grow up wanting to be astronauts, or major league ballplayers, or presidents of great and powerful nations. Me, I always wanted to be a short order cook, and -- lest I leave you with the impression that I lack ambition – to own my own diner.

Here’s a snapshot of Al’s Diner, circa 1958. Enter: you -- making your way to the one remaining vacant stool at the counter. You sit; spin a little; read the menu board; you study the grill, it’s surface nearly completely covered with breakfasts in the making: pancakes, French toasts, eggs every which way;... Read More

"Do not eat garlic or onions; for their smell will reveal that you are a peasant." Cervantes, Don Quixote (1614)

Peasant I am, then!

When I was in culinary school, we were taught to start nearly every savory dish with the almighty trilogy of clarified butter, garlic and shallots. We would spend countless hours peeling and mincing garlic by hand, most often with our chef's knives. I would go home reeking of garlic, hoping my husband and two small daughters, wouldn’t mind.

"No one is indifferent to garlic. People either love it or hate it, and most good cooks seem to... Read More

“What was that noise?” I demanded of my cat, Bobby, who was seated next to me. His eyes were open, pupils fully dilated and ears poised straight up. He was on alert. It was clear to me he had heard the noise. There it was again. This time Bobby and I exchanged glances as we both jumped up and started walking toward the kitchen. It didn’t take us long to realize that the sounds being emitted were coming from inside the refrigerator.

Thoughts were racing through both our minds. I guessed his were close to mine. “What in the world, did one of the other cats get trapped inside?” Bobby was... Read More

“Let’s buy another restaurant,” I said one evening at dinner to my unsuspecting wife – the very same wife who had made me promise, on the day that we had sold our last restaurant, that the next time I got the urge to own a restaurant, I would lie down on the floor until it passed.

“No,” Lorrie responded. There was really nothing to discuss.

So be it.

Six weeks later we passed papers on a small Italian restaurant that was on its last legs.


“I wanna more money,” said Stephano, the none-too-talented chef we had inherited with the restaurant.

... Read More

The other day I opened my mailbox and pulled out the contents, noticing there were a few magazines along with fliers and a utility bill. Since I was in a hurry to get somewhere, I dropped these items on the dining table and went about doing whatever needed to be done.

Sometimes I do not read my mail for a few days and when I picked up the magazine that had been packaged with sealed plastic wrapping, I felt myself exhale a long and whimsical sigh. I held in my hands the November 2009 issue of Gourmet Magazine. It wasn’t just a magazine but one I have been reading and thumbing through... Read More

LOS ANGELES, CALIF. - Dinner will never look the same again when the " all powerful wake-up call for consumers," ( Food, Inc., arrives on Blu-ray Disc and DVD November 3 from Magnolia Home Entertainment. "Bracing, compassionate, witty and compelling," (Time) Food, Inc. exposes the highly mechanized substructure that has been hidden from the American consumer with the consent of the government’s regulatory agencies, the USDA and FDA.

Using animation and graphics, Emmy® Award-winning filmmaker Robert Kenner (The American Experience) lifts the veil on the nation’s food... Read More

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