Saturday, October 20, 2018

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My granny was from the south, and she taught me some valuable things about life, food and art. One: getting blue from time to time is a natural fact. When you're feeling down, sing it out. Two: Whenever you're feeling a mess, you should cook up a mess of food and share it with a mess of people. Three: sex is good, but not as good as Red Velvet Cake!I think I love Old South Barbeque because it is exactly the kinda place my old granny woulda loved if she were alive and well today. I came on a Friday night with my best friend and my lover. I was feeling grouchy after a hard week at work and a few... Read More

Turtle on the Rocks Last night at Dinner the menu was being perused with great attention. They had seen me look at the turtles in the Tank.

As I walked in I had commented on a tank full of turtles. Someone asked me if they were tortoises or turtles, and I said, "turtles" Then it was pointed out that turtles were from the sea and salt water and tortoises live in fresh water. Good to know, but whatever they are, I am very happy to keep one as a pet, but not happy to eat one for dinner. I have a few turtle stories.

I first tasted turtle, or tortoise, in Wuhan in China. I was... Read More

It always amuses me a bit to hear about cooks in other parts of the world scrambling about to assemble a very long list of ingredients to make some restaurant's version of Jambalaya. While it is true that the best jambalayas contain lots of different kinds of seafood and meat, no sane Louisianian would Ever go out to buy, say 12 shrimp, a third of a pound smoked sausage, a third of pound chicken, a third of a pound duck, 6 oysters, etc. In Louisiana, jambalaya is something you make when you have a fridge full of left-overs that you need to clean out. Jambalya is truly an infinitely... Read More

Why do they call it comfort food? Might it be because we need it? Could it be that with our stressful lives this remedy is what will make things seem better? Could the culinary world be a better place for allowing comfort food to hold it's ... well comforting allure? Is comfort food the big cozy blanket of love and reassurance we are lacking in our lives?

Pancakes, bacon, fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, gravy and biscuits, chocolate milk, brownies, macaroni and cheese, freshly baked bread with butter or jams and pudding. These are still major players in the culinary world,... Read More

By Kim

In the heart of a business laden Downtown Los Angeles is a venue that's unique.

"Ciudad Restaurant" is more than another local joint with the usual Happy Hour of blaring events or commentaries, rambling news and predictable appetizers.

It is undoubtedly one of the coolest places in the city of the Angels. This restaurant is opened for lunch, happy hour, and dinner and serves a wonderful range of Latin and South American food you'll ever experience. Yes, it’s an encounter beyond words. Dining here is glorious. The atmosphere is soft lighting, stone floors, high top chair seating... Read More

By Kim

Just when you may have thought you'd exhausted the downtown Los Angeles eatery scene, take a moment and look. On one corner there's a "Bar-B-Que King" Cafe. Directly next to that is a venue called, "Refill Restaurant??"

But, on the corner of Grand and 7th is a heavenly haven. Bottega Louie. High ceilings with a touch of elegance, decorative open space giving an invitation for casual to intimate conversation at any table. The natural lightening streaming through the large windows and brick oven in plain view with conscientious attendants’ only adds to the ambiance.

Each individual... Read More

I was born and raised in New Orleans. I haven't lived there since I was 21 years old. And yet no matter where on this planet I may hang my hat and rest my weary bones, New Orleans will always be the place I most think of as home, even though I doubt I will ever live there again. As the only child of gourmand parents, who generally took me along rather than hire a baby sitter as they ate there way through New Orleans' restaurants-- both a huge number of venerable New Orleans eateries long favored by our family and my parents' picks of the most likely to be fantastic of the new openings.... Read More

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