Saturday, January 19, 2019

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This past weekend was opening weekend for white-tail season here in this part of Texas. The cracks of rifles has been fairly constant since Saturday, and the road is filled with city-folk heading out to their leases. I suppose I am lucky that my husband has only to wander out to the deer blind less than a quater mile from our house to get us a nice doe, but there are some mornings I would be more than happy to not spend butchering another deer. It is an unspoken compromise that my husband shoots it, brings it home, field dresses it, and takes off the head. After that, its all mine to finish.... Read More

Today, with the dreary weather and my dreary mood, I was so uninterested in feeding my family. Luckily inspiration struck as I dug through the bottom drawer of our freezer... potato soup.


1 bag frozen Southern Style hashbrowns

2 cans chicken broth

1 cup of water

1 small onion

Celery flakes

1 cup milk

4 tablespoons flour

salt/pepper to taste

garlic to taste

grated cheese (I like sharp)

bacon (if you wish)

Place the hashbrown, broth, water, onion, and celery flakes into a crockpot. Let it... Read More

In winter, on a stormy night as millions of snowflakes carried by the wind blanketed the landscape of sprinkled forms and muffled sounds, only the coughing of someone with a cold could be heard. The air was usually wet with a lingering spray of mucous mixed with bacteria dripping from a red swollen sinus when Grandma Seydee noticed the coughs, and a twitch in her right eye would appear. Then she began mumbling to herself incoherently, until she came to life as if animated with a purpose. She would holler, “wash your hands before and after you pick your nose,” as she examined every-one’s... Read More

Cheesy Rotini & Broccoli From the kitchen of: Miranda Sherman

A quick delicious recipe. Kids love it because of the delicious cheese and fun curly noodles. Parents love it because it tastes great and sneaks in some vitamin packed broccoli!


1 Box of Rotini Pasta 1 Package of Frozen Broccoli 1/4 stick of butter 2 chicken bouillon cubes 6 slices of Kraft American Cheese A Chunk of Velveeta Cheese Milk Water Black Pepper to taste

In large pot bring water to boil. Add 1 bouillon cube and noodles. With medium size pot on medium/low, add 2... Read More

BBQ Chicken Drummies From the kitchen of Miranda Sherman INGREDIENTS: 18 pack chicken drumsticks (2) one gallon Ziplock Bags black pepper KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce Original Flavor McCormick Grill Mates Barbecue seasoning *Marinade Night Before* The night before place 9 drummies in each bag with 1 Tablespoon black pepper, and 3 Tablespoons McCormick Grill Mates BBQ Seasoning. Squish air out of bag , seal and roll chicken around in bag until thoroughly covered, open bag add 1/2 cup KC Masterpiece BBQ Sauce, release air, seal and roll around until covered, place both bags in pan into refrigerator... Read More

I wake up much later than I had planned on my last day in Italy. It is my first time ever outside of North America, and I am on the homestretch of my first real taste of travel in almost ten years. I commit to opening my eyes and see that Will, who will be my traveling companion from Florence to Milan, has already placed the last of his belongings neatly in his pack. I’m groggy from the previous night’s debauchery, from which I retired just in time to avoid a stolen life-sized Santa and the chase that ensued. I’m achy from sleeping on the wafer thin, twin-sized mattress of my hostel cot... Read More

The other day Sherman and I were lying on the couch watching TV and he was in control of the remote. We started watching a show called Time Warp on The Discovery Channel.

Usually when Sherman has the remote he watches anything to do with Military, Aliens, History, documentary, various law enforcement or hot chicks with 2 criteria, preferable in one of those types of shows or naked. On this particular day and show there were no ladies and the show was far more entertaining!

We learned about grease fires and the wrong way to “extinguish” them. Some people know that you do NOT use... Read More

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