Sunday, July 22, 2018

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An easy solution: grind my own “choice” meat at home. Adding, then, only what I see fit should enter my stomach. So where’s the beef, you ask? Search no longer; here’s a hamburger you can sink your teeth into, free of worries, adding only the ingredients you want!

We were very surprised, to say the least, to find just how many of our friends and family members are now not willing to order a hamburger outside of home, so disgusted they are at learning about the “pink slime” and other fillers in our [national meat treasure], our beloved American hamburger. And I for one can certainly understand... Read More

Brining is a process by which meat is tenderized. And meat that has been brined is made very tender, cooking-up flavorful and juicy.

There are many variations for brining meat, fish, and poultry—varying in the use of broths, beer and wine, and seasoning to your very personal taste, and usually with a combination of water, salt and sugar. This particular brine begins with a blend of fresh citrus (oranges, lemons, limes) and fresh pomegranate, equal ratios of brown sugar and sea salt, and sweet onion and fresh rosemary, together enhanced with Sauvignon Blanc.

Come; take a comfortable... Read More

Carrots help to prevent cancer; carrots improve vision, and they are anti aging and help to nourish the skin. They even help to clean your teeth after a meal, because carrots are [gently] abrasive.

But here is yet another great factor to this recipe; making this pie without a pie crust will certainly cut back on a whole lot of calories! And that is something we can all appreciate.

Now you can have your slice of pie and eat it too!

Come; take a comfortable seat at our cozy table. Dinner is served!

This recipe makes 1 crust-less deep-dish pie (8 servings)

STEPS... Read More

I’ve been enjoying black truffles as a component of pâté for many, many years—and that of course is a pure delight—but the flavor of white truffles is truly unbelievable and unbeatable.

Truffles are a fleshy fungus found underground (most come from Italy); truffles are highly valued as a rare delicacy in the culinary world. The flavor of the white truffle is pungent but delicious, and it is very aromatic. Some would say that to like truffles of any kind is an acquired taste. So be it! But to find these tasty morsels, tubers, pigs or dogs (also highly prized) are used to sniff them out.

... Read More

Cornbread is one of the most versatile breads, (or cake!), around. It can be made savory or sweet, or with added meat, or vegetables, or even fruit. It can be made with buttermilk, sour cream, milk, cream, or as in this recipe with cream cheese and crème fraiche. However you decide to make it, cornbread is delicious and wholly nutritious.

Cornbread can be enjoyed alone, with a smear of butter and/or a drizzle of honey. It can be enjoyed for breakfast with scrambled eggs, for lunch with a salad, or for dinner with a hearty bowl of chili. However you decide to have this cake-like bread,... Read More

During these cold winter months, when the sniffles are darn hard to avoid, drinking homemade chicken soup is considered just what the doctor ordered. Many of us grew up drinking chicken soup—known “comfort food”—and you will no doubt remember mom’s urgency to prepare a pot of this simplest of broths as soon as the sniffles were detected. To the store she hurried to shop for her most common of ingredients, and with her heart on her sleeve marched straight to the kitchen to prepare her most natural of tonics. Into the large pot went a whole chicken, some fresh aromatics, and vitamin-packed vegetables... Read More

Every once in a while couples must take time out just for each other: play some light music, pull the cork out of a nice bottle of wine, roast some potatoes (sweet and/or savory golden), heat the coals on the grill and throw some tender steaks and cook to proper perfection. Oh-yeah, that’s the ticket to throwing the doors to romance wide open.

Come; take a comfortable seat at our cozy table. Dinner is served!

A simple romantic meal for two

Steps 1:

1/4 cup (about) Mr. Yoshida Original Gourmet Sauce

2 3/4-pound [roughly] rib-eye steaks (bone-in)

Sprinkling... Read More

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