Sunday, September 23, 2018

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Sweet, flavorful dessert wines make an interesting and delicious addition to your menu.

However, though you may be used to picking out a red or white to match the main course, the art of selecting a dessert wine is not as well known. Continue reading for tips and tricks on how to choose a dessert wine your guests will love.

Match the Flavor Intensity

Many of the best dessert wines are delicious white wines that have gained sweetness from the manner of preparation. However, dessert wines often boast more intense, full-bodied flavors than you typically associate with white wine.... Read More

Fish are fundamentally the aquatic vertebrate animals with or without scales. Fish are generally cold blooded or ectothermic animals whose body temperature changes with the change in temperature of water. But exceptions like Tuna, Swordfish and some shark species seem to have adapted the warm blooded nature up to a certain extent. About 32,500 species of fish are found in the world, and thus, they constitute the largest diversity of organisms compared to other classes of vertebrates.

Even though fish are mainly consumed as a nutritious food, there are many people out there who love to... Read More

This post is all about giving you information about three popular aquatic creatures – Cuttlefish, Giant Octopus and Tilapia. Read on.


These are the marine animals of the class Cephalopoda, order Sepiida, and phylum Mollusca. They sound like fishes as per their name, but they are not fish but molluscs. The naming is made according to their shell, the cuttlebone. They don’t even look like fishes.

These animals have 8 arms, 2 tentacles and large W-shaped pupils. The tentacles have denticulated suckers which are used to secure prey. They size from 15 to 25 cm (5.9... Read More

Planning a mega party

So it’s the biggest party of the year – New Year’s Eve. The party to end all parties you’ve had in 2013 and kick off 2014 with a bang. So you want good music, good drinks, some tasty nibbles and most importantly of all… plenty of comfortable seats.

Bad parties

We’ve all been to a dodgy party where you’re standing around awkwardly because of a lack of seats, or placed on a stiff hard back chair that makes you feel like you’re in a doctor’s waiting room.

And trying to get to know everyone, relax into the night and get everyone to loosen up and... Read More


They sat their in the wine racks scoffing in the dark. Valuable grape squashed vintage from years of vine aged tart.

For tarts they were there bonding old mothers blending grin they didn't even lift their corks to acknowledge wretched Tim.

The 'One bad un' ' sat alone in the window where his wine could only see bright light outside... a vintage never be.

Tiny sat there wining in a strange hued bottle with blistered bulge shocking bot to look. No talking to THAT bottle with mirth the 'racked out' shook.

People came... Read More

The History of Wine


Wine is made from fermented fruit juice, usually, but not always, grapes, as we shall see.

Grapes ferment naturally due to the chemical balance inherent in the grape. There’s no need to add sugars, acids, enzymes, water, or other nutrients. It’s the yeast that absorbs the sugars in the grapes and converts them into alcohol. Therefore, it’s all in the grape since different varieties of grapes and strains of yeasts produce different types of wine. Red, white, rosé, champagne, fortified, for example. But I’m sure you wine buffs out there know much more... Read More

Almost everyone these days is aware that tea is a very healthy drink, but apart from green and black teas, not many seem to know anything much about tea at all. So what teas are available and what's the best ways to prepare them?

All tea comes from a plant called Camellia sinensis, and the differences between each type of tea is down to where it's grown and how it's processed. Tea is primarily grown in Asia, with China, Japan, Sri Lanka and India being well-known tea producing nations. The teas produced generally fall into four broad categories.

White Tea

White tea is usually... Read More

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