Monday, July 23, 2018

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans live an average of 78.7 years. However, many people live shorter lives, and many live far longer. A number of factors contribute to your quality of life and how long you live. Here are some of the most important.

Stay Fit

For the sake of health and longevity, staying fit does not have to involve intense workouts at the gym or on the track. The important thing is to remain physically active. Walking, dancing or gardening on a regular basis can keep you active enough to add years to your life. People who live... Read More

The North American Tea Championship (NATC), the only independent and professionally-judged tea competition and most recognized on the global front, named the 22 best, premium hot teas from the fall 2013 harvest in February. The North American Tea Championship (NATC) is an independent event, judged by professional people, who assess premium teas from around the globe that are sold in North America.It’s the worlds most renowned and professionally-judged tea competition on the global front.

NATC & Its Evaluation Process:

NATC Cupping Coordinator Mo Sardella mentions,” As the... Read More

Let The Good Times Roll at Uncle Darrow’s

Marina del Rey- Several thousand revelers were part of the steady stream of people attending the 15th Annual Uncle Darrow’s Mardi Gras West “Fat Saturday” Celebration. This fun annual celebration was held on Saturday, March 8th, inside Uncle Darrow’s Cajun Creole Eatery and the outside backlot.

The weather felt like it was Summer, coupled with a pleasant Spring breeze. According to the U.S. Geological Survey, “we experienced a minor earthquake near Marina del Rey. This light to mild quake, gave the region a jolt on Friday evening. The... Read More

People are beginning to thoughtfully consider what they choose to eat and restaurants and markets are transforming themselves in order to meet those demands from discerning customers.

Organic simply means that fruits, vegetables, eggs and meats are grown or raised without high amounts of artificial means, such as antibiotics, growth hormones or pesticides. Farm-to-table refers to the practice of the commitment by chefs and restaurateurs to locally source all of their ingredients directly from the growers. This ensures that their customers are receiving the best quality products throughout... Read More

Most of the beef sold commercially comes from grain fed animals. While all animals are fed grass at some point in their lives, standard cow feed is corn and other grains, typically provided inside a confined feedlot.

There are many benefits when it comes to grass fed beef: 1. Grass fed cows do not require antibiotics in large quantities: Typical beef cattle spend their short lives in CAFOs (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) where thousands of cows and other animals are confined in crammed conditions and fattened up for slaughter as fast as possible. Antibiotics are given to cattle... Read More

Sweet, flavorful dessert wines make an interesting and delicious addition to your menu.

However, though you may be used to picking out a red or white to match the main course, the art of selecting a dessert wine is not as well known. Continue reading for tips and tricks on how to choose a dessert wine your guests will love.

Match the Flavor Intensity

Many of the best dessert wines are delicious white wines that have gained sweetness from the manner of preparation. However, dessert wines often boast more intense, full-bodied flavors than you typically associate with white wine.... Read More

Fish are fundamentally the aquatic vertebrate animals with or without scales. Fish are generally cold blooded or ectothermic animals whose body temperature changes with the change in temperature of water. But exceptions like Tuna, Swordfish and some shark species seem to have adapted the warm blooded nature up to a certain extent. About 32,500 species of fish are found in the world, and thus, they constitute the largest diversity of organisms compared to other classes of vertebrates.

Even though fish are mainly consumed as a nutritious food, there are many people out there who love to... Read More

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Eight Superfoods For A Super Healthy Life

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