Tuesday, October 24, 2017

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It’ still party time. If you’re running out of ideas, try these cocktails.


2 measures of vodka

2 measures of pure orange juice

1 measure of lemon juice

1 teaspoon of caster sugar

3 measures of lemonade

Dissolve sugar, shake and strain into glass half filled with ice, add lemonade to taste


2 measures of gold tequila

½ measure of grenadine

4 measures of pure orange juice

Stir and strain orange and tequila into ice filled glasses, add grenadine allowing... Read More

White leg shrimp (or biologically known as Litopenaeus vannamei) is a type of prawn of the eastern Pacific ocean. It is caught to serve as popular seafood in most of the Asian countries. This prawn has also got a lot of popularity and demand in U.S. and U.K. markets.

Description and Habitat

It can grow up to a maximum length of 9.1 inches (230 millimeters), with its carapace growing up to 3.5 inches (90 millimeters). Adult shrimp live in Deep Ocean, at depths up to 72 meters (236 feet), and young shrimp live in estuaries. The rostrum has a moderate length with 7-10 teeth on the... Read More

Shrimp recipes are regarded as one of the most favorite recipes in America. Well, on a global count you could find many people out there who do not even like to eat fish, but they love shrimp pretty much. There are many different types of shrimp dishes. Shrimp is generally low in calories and fat so taking shrimp is beneficial for dieters. On the other hand, shrimp contain a great amount of cholesterol which might come up as a little worry.

Saltwater shrimp are categorized into two kinds, such as ‘Cold water’ and ‘Warm water’ species. ‘Cold water’ shrimp are caught in the North Atlantic... Read More

4th Friday Food Trucks in Inglewood

Inglewood-A quick search on Google for 1st Friday Food Truck, 4th Friday Food Trucks or Food Trucks, one will find a plethora of events with food trucks around town at various venues for different functions. Some events are held for school fundraisers, part of Art Walks, while other events feature food trucks in conjunction with major events.

Thanks also to Social Media; all of the food trucks have a huge, loyal following. People can stay connected by Facebook, Twitter, email and other technological outlets.

I attended the 4th Friday... Read More

Ocho Rios Grill

Lawndale - I like to visit and try new restaurants around town to try various dishes on their menu. I'm not a food critic by any measure. The enclosed is a blog of my recent visit to Ocho Rios Grill. This is a new restaurant in the Southbay that opened for business in May 2013. Ocho Rios Grill is Jamaican-American Cuisine in the city of Lawndale, California. The address is 14400 Hawthorne Blvd, on the Southeast corner of Hawthorne Blvd., and Rosecrans Avenue. Located inside the strip mall that is anchored by Millennium Shoes and Big Savers Foods.

This restaurant... Read More

First of all I shall start by saying in a typical nonchalant and uppetty English way, how bloody dare you, how dare you tell the average cheese loving American what he or she can or cannot eat, and how dare you even try to justify it.

I should probably also explain to those that don't know, mimolette or 'boule de lille' as it's also known by is a cheese made in the French town of lille. The cheese was originally requested by Louis XIV and has a distinct orange curd not too dissimilar in colour to my own county's 'red leicester' cheese. But what makes this cheese pretty unique is the... Read More

They are known as frankfurters, tube steaks, wieners, dogs, wienerwurst, red hots, and sausage…what is this all-American food? You guessed it!! It’s the Hot Dog! No outside summer activity would be complete without them. Picnics, barbeques, and hot dogs are about as American as apple pie and Chevrolet. And why do I mention this tasty little piece of American delicacy? Because today, July 23, is National Hot Dog Day!!! Actually, July is National Hot Dog Month.

All across America, every summer, large amounts of hot dogs are cooked on the barbeque and consumed by the millions. The National... Read More

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