Tuesday, August 14, 2018

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Starbucks is still not out of its legal coup, if sources are to be believed. Pete Keelan and Ed Dublois, the two owners of Equinox Square Plaza, have filed a legal motion, in order to have the appeal filed by Bill Drunsic dismissed. Bill is currently also serving as the acting chairman of the town's Planning Commission.

The appeal, issued on May 15th, was filed in order to challenge the decision of the Development Review Board which was primarily concerned with converting a former bank office into one of the Starbucks centers. However, as per the appeal of Pete and Ed, Bill does not... Read More

Mughals took control of the region back in late 17th / early 18th Century. Traditionally, Hyderabad was known as the diamond and pearl trading centre of the world – and continues to be referred to as the City of Pearls to this day. In fact, many of the bazaars that have been trading for hundreds of years are still open today. However, beautiful jewels are not the only reason the Hyderabad region is famous– the eclectic and delicious food has also placed Hyderabad on the culinary map.

The cuisine of Hyderabad mainly consists of rice and meat dishes, but there are so many variations that... Read More

The area is renowned for its food,known as Hyderabadi or Deccani cuisine,which is steeped in culture and tradition. Meat and rice are staples, as well as carefully chosen spices which combine to give distinctive flavours. However, patience is crucial: cooking everything slowly is something this cuisine is famous for. One of the most iconic, distinctive and popularrecipes is a Hyderabadi biryani.

A traditional Hyderadbai biryani is made using meat and rice. Goat or mutton isthe traditional option, although contemporary chefs often substitute it for chicken or lamb. Basmati rice, lemon,... Read More


Are me...A cold blustery wind shrouded the war zone. Or was it a bold clustery wind emitted from the groaning soldiers begging for mercy.

The year of the stale pizza. Black Olive was,and proud of it, a simple pizza cook seconded to the Battle of the Blimps.

Black Olive was an undercover pizza cook trained to defect to the 'other side' of cooking to infiltrate the enemy's palate.

You will find no mention of B.O. in the annals of historical war cook book skirmish. Indeed, Black Olive's B.O. was hidden/disguised under... Read More

It’s not news to anyone that obesity is a growing problem all over the world. More and more individuals and their children are becoming obese, which causes a variety of health issues that can be detrimental to one’s well-being.

There are many reasons people are gaining weight, and many reasons why living and eating healthier can prolong your life. Because obesity has become an epidemic, it’s important to recognize the disease for what it is and the risks it poses.

What makes us obese, and the dangers of obesity

A number of factors can cause you to become overweight and... Read More


It was a posh area. Although Posh didn't live there because in this neck of the woods you didn't have to sing for your supper or for that matter-prepare it. The wealthy,or those perhaps who didn't inherit, deemed it their God given money right to buy/do whatever suited their fancy. Unanimously, the silver-haired gentry fancied suits.

The lifestyle of many was a bit like that catchy tune "money for nothing,sex for free!" (or perhaps a cheque and the odd penthouse to the girl of the whirl of the moment.) The reason I mention... Read More

It is well known that crawfish are somewhat similar to lobsters. They belong to the Crustacean family. Similar to any kind species, they have something called exoskeleton for protecting themselves against their predators, which is a hard external shell. There are also present some

Boiled Crawfish that have soft shells and are make delicious cuisine that are served in many restaurants. They are found in streams, rivers and sometimes in highway ditches. It is during the spring time that they hatch eggs, which are around 400 – 800 in one time.

Tips to have a wonderful crawfish boil

... Read More

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