Saturday, September 22, 2018

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Spotting all of the promotion regarding Kangen water can be challenging to understand. The primary alkalizingis it includes a pH of more or less eight. With this said, it is important to note that the equipment and method used to treat the water takes on a significant part with what pH level the final result will hold. Pure drinking water possesses a pH of 7.

Much is considered concerning the several benefits this system has although some report that it’s all regulated a hoax plus a clever set to generate money. Whatever your thoughts and opinions could be, allow us to have a look at... Read More

Spam and yam, roasted, served over a bed of fresh greens, and drizzled with homemade maple vinaigrette. An odd combination, you may undoubtedly notice. And, well, yes, it is, but very delicious, if you like Spam that is. This salad is very distinctly salt and sweet, but the combination really works wonderfully together.

Recipe makes enough for 2 dinner servings

STEPS 1 (maple vinaigrette):

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar

1/4 cup good quality maple syrup

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar

1 tablespoon honey mustard

Pinch of salt

Pepper to taste

... Read More

If the output from your Alkaline spigot diminishes over a period of time, your Water Ionizer may need cleaning because of mineral build-up due to your source water. Build-up usually does not become an issue for at least 8-24 months of use, depending on the hardness and Calcium levels in your source water. People living in extreme hard areas may wish to use a vinegar wash once every three (3) months.

To check for build-up in your Athena or Isis, remove the Alkaline Flex Hose (silver tube) and inspect both ends for signs of any white residue building up inside the hose. Some people would... Read More


Once upon a Dame atop a high rise cafe Cathedral lived a Lunchback. So delicious was the cuisine Parisians flocked to the sound of the bell which was a recording. "Lunch is served. Get it before the cars that ate Paris." That's what disturbs me about this post even before i continue?

You may say and i have no answer, "if the cars that ate Paris REALLY ate Paris as in digestible 'chomp' then the high rise cafe by law- of- nature and metallic ingestionary succumb, with nary no left over dusty crumb, would not exist to be eaten.

Supposing the cars... Read More

A water ionizer is that very simple yet safe and cost-effective appliance for purifying treated water. It’s not just a healthier option for drinking water that is safe from harmful contaminants; it can be for your swimming pool, too! With water ionizer in your pool and tubs, no harsh chemicals is needed to be used to keep the water at safe levels, and yet you get crystal clear and sparkling water for your pool!

As it works to improve the water quality through electrolysis, homes and hotels are now using a water ionizer in their swimming pools, Jacuzzis, fish ponds and other water features.... Read More

Water plays a very crucial role in keeping the body healthy. Not only human beings, but even fish and other aquatic live thrive on fresh and clean water for longer durations. Similarly clean water helps in the proper functioning of cells and keeps stress and depression at bay. Fresh water can be got from alkaline water ionizer depending on the quality and the goodwill of the company.

You might be wondering how a water ionizer can help in promoting good health and improve the blood circulation. The answer is quite simple. When we consume water filtered from water ionizers, they help in... Read More

The American claim that one of the underlying causes of adult diseases is the accumulation of acids in our body. In order for a treatment to be effective it must remove these excess acids from the system, otherwise the treatment will only offer a temporary cure. It is for this reason that medical science is rather poor when it comes to curing adult diseases.

To help our bodies rid of these acid wastes it's imperative to decrease our intake of acidic foods and drinks and increase our consumption of alkaline foods and drinks. This including drinking plenty of alkaline water. Using a water... Read More

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