Sunday, August 19, 2018

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Consumer and Market Insights: Meat Market in France provides an overview of the market analyzing market data demographic consumption patterns within the category and the key consumer trends driving consumption. The report highlights innovative new product development that effectively targets the most pertinent consumer need states and offers strategic recommendations to capitalize on evolving consumer landscapes.

Key Findings

- France is one of the largest Meat markets by volume among the major European economies

- Men and Older Consumers enjoy the most Meat... Read More

The report firstly introduced Yoghurt Market basic information including Yoghurt definition, classification, application and Market chain overview; Yoghurt Market policy and plan, Yoghurt product specification, manufacturing process, cost structure etc. Then we deeply analyzed the world’s main region market conditions that including the product price, profit, capacity, production, capacity utilization, supply, demand and Market growth rate etc.

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In a word, it was a depth research report on Global Yoghurt Market. And thanks to the support... Read More

When you decide to organize a reception, the first thing that you should think about is a meal. Whether your guests will be served buffet style or sit-down meal style will make or mar the event. If you are planning your reception meal, you can opt for the casual buffet catering style, which is perfect for a large number of guests. In comparison to sit-down meals, which are expensive, this can be a more viable option.

When it comes to party catering, plan on organizing a buffet, which is more personal and allows you guests to choose items that they would like to eat. This way, your reception... Read More

Buying natural green tea has become more popular as the traditional black tea has taken a backstage giving more presence to natural green tea. Records say that people have been using green tea for more than 5,000 years. The leaves from Camellia sinensis are used to make green tea ensuring they undergo least possible oxidation. It is believed that green tea was first made in the reign of Emperor Shennong in 2737 BC. Today, Green tea is available in different variants and because of its massive health benefits people across the globe have switched to natural green tea rather than black tea.

... Read More

When you are planning to visit Dubai, you will surely be worried about the food that is available there. If you are an Indian, you will be aghast to know that you will get the best of the best Indian food in Dubai. There are some very good Indian restaurants that are serving some of the best Indian foods. Right from North Indian food to South Indian food, you will get them all at the Indian restaurants in Dubai. A good restaurant in Dubai will have all delicacies from the world, but they will also have some of the best Indian foods. The idli and dosas are very famous in South India and these... Read More

Celebrity Chef Lovely Jackson has made her rounds as a finalist on Food Network’s “Food Network Star” season 9, a finalist on Fox’ “Hell’s Kitchen” season 6 and Chef Ambassador for Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” Campaign. For a couple of days, I anxiously anticipated undergoing the “Le Chef Lovely Experience.”

I paced myself as I stepped into NIBIRU, one of the sites on the LA Art Walk downtown Los Angeles, the venue where Le Chef Lovely held her “Lovely Eats” event. I was greeted at the door by hosts that gave me the cutest little wooden spoon that had my initials, “bj” engraved on... Read More

Egg protein market is expected to witness growth on account of growing demand for nutritional supplement in food & beverage industry. Growth in protein consumption is expected to play an important role in driving egg protein market growth in the near future. Changing food habits and growing awareness towards nutritional food in emerging markets such as China and India is expected to have a positive impact on market growth over the forecast period. Food & beverage industry growth in India, Brazil and China is expected to drive egg protein market in the near future.

Growing egg... Read More

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