Thursday, November 15, 2018

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It's true! In the last few years, research into the chemical makeup of tea has identified a class of powerful antioxidants in the humble tea plant which have shown promise in inhibiting the growth of cancerous tumors, reducing the bacteria which cause dental caries, and helping to lower blood cholesterol. The only “catch" in this elevation of tea to medicinal heights is the type of tea we need to drink to gain these protective health benefits: the Superman of the teacup is Green Tea.

Green Tea differs from Black Teas and from OOlong Teas by virtue of the type of drying process it undergoes.... Read More

Breakfast has been known as the most important meal of the day. This is because of the benefits a healthy breakfast has to offer. From giving your metabolism a kick start to regulating your blood-sugar levels, breakfast offers advantages for everyone, whether you are just a healthy individual, pregnant or a senior citizen. According to a study conducted by USDA Food and Agricultural Organization and reported by Statistic Brain, around 93% of American citizens believe that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. With this figure in mind, only 44% of American citizens actually eats breakfast... Read More

If you want to start a commercial food business such as a fast food centre, a restaurant or even a food truck, one of the main equipment you'll need is a refrigerator. That being settled, the question now is, which fridge to buy? Should you go in for the more expensive commercial models or should you settle for the cheaper residential ones?

Although both commercial and residential fridges do the same job, which is to keep foods cool, they are very different in their functionality and performance. For commercial usage, it is always good to use commercial fridges. Here are the reasons.

... Read More

A fresh study by researchers at Stanford and Johns Hopkins universities places to rest any lingering uncertainty about whether exposure raises to some substance linked to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other health effects. The research, a first of its kind national sample, additionally emphasizes special canned foods or BPA.

Different foods have different numbers of BPA contaminants. Previous studies have focused on quantifying BPA exposure within groups of fewer than 75 individuals and assessing amounts of BPA in canned products. Assessing both dietary sources of BPA amounts... Read More

Fast cooking does not necessarily mean that you need to look for recipes that are really fast to finish. In many cases you can use something that is already cooked to get great dishes cooked in some minutes. That is exactly what we will talk about.

Since everyone loves chicken, you want to consider the combinations below. You just need precooked rotisserie chicken or Purdue roasting chicken. During the weekend you can cook your chicken and then put it in the freezer until you need it. Just use quart size bags. If you forget to defrost during the morning, you can use a microwave... Read More

Unfortunately, it is common for people to accidentally waste their hard earned money by purchasing food that will quickly spoil if the appropriate methods aren’t used to prolong its quality. There are a few simple methods that can be utilized to prevent food from spoiling so readily.

Avoid Cross-Contamination

First, and perhaps the most important, is avoid cross-contaminating the food. Uncooked meats, like chicken and beef, need to be kept in a lower department of the fridge away from the ready-to-eat foods. This will prevent the bacteria from moving from the raw meat and onto... Read More

In our everyday lives we give much thought to preparing healthy, nutritious meals for ourselves and our families. The planning of nutritious but delicious meals is in the aim of every good home maker. But have you ever paused to think about the importance of meals in a time of crisis? What if a disaster strikes? An earthquake or an environmental disaster? What then? Assuming such a situation takes place all your attention would be focused on survival and making it through the situation not preparing meals.

Since no one can predict when such a disaster might take place it makes sense... Read More

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