Sunday, October 22, 2017

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Annette Kellow is an English actress and dancer with a striking vintage look and an abundance of experience in film, television, theatre and commercials. She has appeared on ITV’s Dancing on Ice tutoring the stars on the technique of vintage dance and her acting has taken a global rise over the last few years. The definition of an artist in every sense, she tells us more about her exciting career up to date…

Please introduce yourself to the readers and tell us where you started first performing?

I am an English actress originally from the south west of England and started first... Read More

They acquire environmentally amiable bureau of cleaning. Any charwoman job will go added apprenticed at a bigger accumulated if the ceremony provider uses methods to beforehand recycling and accost of online writing used. For example, a colour coding adjustment for charwoman rags will ahead cross-contamination amidst Suspended Ceiling and surfaces added acquire them to be acclimated best afore discarding.

Apple-pie the autogenous of your refrigerator accoutrement warm, bubbles water, again dry all surfaces afore restocking food. Apple-pie out the autogenous of $.25 cans accoutrement... Read More

Wedding as the most important one in life, so that is not available for you to have a so-so shooting at the time , be sure to own more attention. Many couples like to shoot your wedding happiness in the year of your favorite season , so in this four season wedding photography there are still many considerations, following up on a study about summer wedding photography:

1.Things before shooting the bride must prepare. Sunscreen must be prepared in advance, so a good photo shoot have become black, but can you use this thing must first ask before make-up artist, because some use sunscreen... Read More

Dazzling Australian beauty Jessica Waters has been making waves as an actress in the Australian film and television industry for quite some time now. Something of a triple threat, Waters is more than just an actress; she is also a professional singer and dancer, two added talents that undoubtedly set her apart from most other performers.

Waters got one of her first big breaks on camera back in Australia in 2009 when she landed a recurring role on the television series Neighbours. To date, the series has won over 23 awards including 14 Logie Awards and several Australian Writers' Guild... Read More

Some celebrities cherish and guard their privacy with a single-minded determination bordering on the obsessive with others believe that they gave up their rights to privacy once they became famous and accept this fact with resignation.Whatever the celeb’s feelings on the subject of fame, rest assured, the paparazzi will be camped outside their homes, or they’ll be following them as they shop or vacation and sometimes, they’ll even get into shouting matches or the odd slugfest with them.To some celebrities, the “papps”, as they are called, are the lowest of the low of bottom feeders while to... Read More

In this four-part series called That’s Hollywood, we’ll be examining the cultural phenomenon otherwise known as Tinsel Town.Since practically the turn of the last century, Hollywood has been the entertainment Mecca of the world, epitomizing everything that is glamorous, famous and related to the entertainment industry.A huge part of Tinsel Town’s allure is its idolization of celebrity and fame.Today, we examine the strange concept of “famous for being famous”.

The reference source, Wikipedia, defines the phrase “famous for being famous” as a pejorative pop cultural term that refers to... Read More

Photo:short wedding dresses

Day four of the Wills Lifestyle India Fashion Week was all about easy, breezy summer clothes. While it began with younger designers like Josh Goraya and Sahil Kochhar, it came to a close with veteran Wendell Rodricks' show celebrating the beauty of Indian textiles. Others took inspirations from tribal paintings, nomadic tribes, 70s-style Hollywood and wanderlust.

Mrinalini Inspired by colour, Mrinalini's collection in blue and white was relaxed and easy with the use of fabric tattering and texturing to give the garments a worn-out look. She also used... Read More

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Q & A with Australian Actress Jessica Waters

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THAT’S HOLLYWOOD: The Paparazzi…It’s Nothing Personal

...and i love the way you write...with aplomb. And you're entertaining and factual girl. You may be a budding essay writer...i'll talk to Irving! :>)