Thursday, October 19, 2017

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Yesterday morning I woke up with a start. Sweat trickled down my back and my mouth was as dry as Kathy Griffen's standup act. Slowly, I regained my composure and grabbed a chilly glass of Southern California Brand tap water. I sat down at the small, blonde particle board computer desk and fired up the Dell. As I clicked on Firefox, it became clear to me that something was amiss. Something was not right. Something was telling me to get an early start on the day's gossip. There It was. After such a 18 months. The moment I had been waiting for. My dream came back to me, rushing forward in a... Read More

Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie are currently in India to shoot a movie about the slain journalist Daniel Pearl, killed in February 2002 by a terrorist group in Pakistan. The most glamorous couple of Hollywood isn't exactly incognito in India where they are constantly followed by a swarm of bodyguards protecting the stars from paparazzi. On Saturday, one of Brangelina's bodyguards manhandled a journalist who refused to put down his camera. The journalist later reported to the press: "He said if I took his pictures he would kill me", "I couldn't breathe. He had his fingers on my windpipe and he knew... Read More
Before I step in something created by my favorite little lesbian, let me first say I believe everyone should have the right to choose what works best for them. Be who you would like to be and be happy doing so. Dolly Parton said it best when she said, “Find out who you are and then do it on purpose”. Notice she did not say, “Find out who you are, do it on purpose and then ask for special treatment because of it.” I understand people discriminate. No one deserves to be treated poorly for circumstances out of their control however things are getting a bit out of hand when IBM decides... Read More
It started out as a normal "Hump Day". I went to work. I turned on KISS FM (LA's hottest hit music!) and listened to Ryan Seacrest as I brewed coffee and read some mind-numbing articles about Skid Row. Then, the nightmare began. It came gently at first, in the form of a teaser by Seacrest himself around 9:45 am. By 10:00, the world as we knew it changed....for the worse. 3 Words will sum up this fateful day: Screech. Sex. & Tape. The NY Daily News reported today that a 40-minute "sex-tape" will star Dustin Diamond, AKA Screech Powers and 2 un-named females. The trio are said to engage in a... Read More

Former Beatle Paul McCartney has been going to private 90-minute Hatha yoga classes in The Hamptons in New York along with actor Alec Baldwin. Yoga is designed to provide "a balanced and wholesome approach to achieving perfect physical and mental health, happiness and tranquillity" and a pal said that McCartney, who has been attending the classes three times a week, turned to yoga to help him cope with the stress that he has been under over his divorce the past few months. Alec Bladwin has had ongoing stress over custody battles for his daughter with Hollywood beauty, actress Kim Bassinger.... Read More

Paris Hilton was arrested this morning at 1am and charged with driving under the influence. She was spotted by LAPD officers driving her Mercedes McLaren SLR in a very erratic way. Her publicist Eliott Mintz told the press that she only had one drink - a margarita - before leaving a charity event she was attending in Hollywood. She was taken to the Hollywood police station after she blew a .08. She was released an hour and a half later. I guess when you weigh 110lb, you'd better drink martini by the spoon rather than a full glass. Cheers! Read More
Elijah Wood was seen yesterday on Main Street and Marine in Venice, in front of Via Venito, an Italian restaurant, around 10pm. A group of about 10 people was gathered around him and he was chatting with them and seemed very friendly. It was unclear if they were friends or just fans of Frodo, the hobbit of the Lord of the Rings. He looked really down to earth and laid back, not really Hollywood style "I'm-better-than-everyone-and-I'm-gonna-show-it", which is much appreciated. I was expecting him to be very short, but I guess he is actually much taller than a hobbit. I was also expecting... Read More

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