Saturday, December 15, 2018

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This is a short story in subject and substance. There just isn't that much to tell and it would only be common fodder or grist for the Tabloids, if it wasn't a totally true story. Let me begin by saying, that I do not suffer from any homophobic thoughts or beliefs. I have spent a good portion of my life working in the entertainment field, a field that "naturally" exposes one to a multitude of diversified sexual mores and beliefs. Simply put, what consenting adults choose to do in their personal lives simply is none of my business. I try to apply this philosophy to all things sexual, religious... Read More
Seconds after I rang the bell, Ramon Lence, the owner of a small theater chain in Los Angeles, quickly ushered me into his Marina del Rey apartment, his red satin robe flowing behind him like the train of a gown. “Come in, come in, sit down, this is so exciting.” I took a seat on a chair across from him, as he settled in on the couch somewhat like a Persian cat might. He put both of his hands on his knees and looked to the ceiling as though there was an expectation of communication with the almighty. Then, after a heavy sigh, Ramon glanced down at his hands for a moment before looking directly... Read More

A new website has been created, The website will give users the heiress's personal items for a small monthly fee, $39.97. These items are believed to be the items that were seized from a Los Angeles storage facility in November 2005, when Hilton apparently failed to pay a $208 bill for her sizable locker. While Hilton's publicist said the mix-up was because of the third party's tardiness in settling the tab, her items were still sold for $2,775 to an unnamed person. These items went to a broker named David Hans Schmidt, who later sold them to owner Bardia... Read More

After 4 Scary Movies, writers have decided on a fifth movie, The fifth moovie should be released by this time next year. Scary Movie 4 was quite successful in 2005 bringing in a stunning 41 million dollars on the opening weekend! With success like that, David Zucker couldn't resist returning to the movie series as the director. Although there is no set concept for the fifth movie, it should start production soon. It's rumoured that Anna Faris will be reprising her role as Cindy Campbell. The Scary Movies have been a success, but when is too much enough? Other major sequels coming out in 2007 include:... Read More

Nicole Richie recently hired the services of a shaman to get rid of her bad luck. Richie has told her friends that the string of bad luck, including her recent DUI, all came about after someone in her social circle put a hex on her.

Nicole paid $1,000 for a witch doctor to cleanse her home in Hollywood, and rid the spell on December 15th, as stated by Life & Style Magazine.

An insider tells the publication that a shaman chanted, danced and burned sage in every room of the star's home for two hours!

Nicole's run in with bad luck in 2006 includes her break up with fiance... Read More

In an awkward attempt to grow with her fan base, Aguilera has seen us through a series of surprising, even frightening, aliases. Her most recent one seems to be a tribute to the late Marilyn Monroe, complete with the familiar blonde hairstyle and swing series outfits. While it has long become accepted that we may never see a day when Aguilera shows a decent fashion sense, this time it has taken a truly awful turn. But aside from the dangerous mix of gaudy clothes and drag-queen makeup, the artist formerly known as X-Tina may even be hazardous to her health. Aguilera’s tired tresses never... Read More
Well ladies and gentlemen, just when we prepare ourselves for a sweet goodbye to an old friend, trends come back again and slaps us fashion mavens with surprise. Just when I thought I would finally see the time in history every designer from Milan to Tokyo has been silently praying for, celebrities have to go and turn the tides once more. Yes sir, you guessed it: UGGs are back. Oh God, are they back. Again. Talk about resilient – the fashion trend is known for its made-to-last sheepskin interior that offers an extra plush instep. Who would have thought that here was a fad durable inside... Read More

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