Monday, September 24, 2018

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It would seem that there is no longer such a thing as the "Hollywood ending". Unless of course, nervous breakdowns, rehab, suicides, and murders are what's to be aspired to. These days, to sit through Entertainment Tonight or Access Hollywood means exposing yourself to half an hour of dramas and tragedies, as well as the intimate moments of other people's lives. Most recent in the news is the death of model and actress Anna Nicole Smith, who gained notoriety by marrying a man fifty years her senior. Although Anna Nicole had given birth to a baby girl this year, an event that causes great joy... Read More

It seems with each hour in Hollywood, a new feud, cat-fight, addiction or “immoral act” is revealed and broadcast to the masses in a matter of seconds. These days, it’s easier than ever to stay up-to-date on what hottest gossip is rocking the movers and shakers of the entertainment world. Gossip blogs, YouTube, Television News, gossip magazines, Tabloid T.V., talk shows, newspapers and, yes, still even the old stand-by: word of mouth have made it virtually impossible for any “It” girl to have a drink without the media demanding her to check into rehab. Of course, this is all old news.... Read More
Astronauts have always been seen as role models, heroes, and even a type of celebrity. But even this type of praise and high standards has lead to high competitiveness and hellish performance pressure within the field. Is this what led Astronaut Lisa Nowak’s to breakdown? High school valedictorian, Naval Academy graduate, test pilot, wife and mother of three are roles that will come to mind for those who know Lisa Nowak. However, more recently, mental anguish and breakdown appear to be the most popular descriptors surrounding her. On February 5, Nowak was charged by Orlando Police for attempted... Read More
The first lady of our bastard celebrity media nation has died today... apparently from a lethal dose of methadone and antidepressants on the floor of a room at the Hard Rock Hotel, and was there any other way for her to go? It's a death nearly as fitting as an aging, drug-addicted Elvis on the toilet seat, if not nearly as culturally significant. For those of us only marginally exposed to the celebrity culture - e.g. seeing it on the magazine covers when we're getting our pre-packaged salads and pop-tarts rung up at Ralph's, you may wonder, just who was Anna Nicole Smith, and why was she famous... Read More
Daniel Radcliffe has joined the cast of Equus, a play which involves him being naked on stage and having a sex scene. Recently, some steamy promo pictures of the actor raced over the net. Parent's are outraged and are letting websites know. One parent sent this e-mail, "We as parents feel Daniel should not appear nude. Our 9-year-old son looks up to him as a role model. We are very disappointed and will avoid the future movies he makes." Daniel fires back saying, ""I'm fine about it. 'Equus' is an iconic play. The nude scene is part of it. I can't do it with my pants on. That would be rubbish."... Read More
This is a short story in subject and substance. There just isn't that much to tell and it would only be common fodder or grist for the Tabloids, if it wasn't a totally true story. Let me begin by saying, that I do not suffer from any homophobic thoughts or beliefs. I have spent a good portion of my life working in the entertainment field, a field that "naturally" exposes one to a multitude of diversified sexual mores and beliefs. Simply put, what consenting adults choose to do in their personal lives simply is none of my business. I try to apply this philosophy to all things sexual, religious... Read More
Seconds after I rang the bell, Ramon Lence, the owner of a small theater chain in Los Angeles, quickly ushered me into his Marina del Rey apartment, his red satin robe flowing behind him like the train of a gown. “Come in, come in, sit down, this is so exciting.” I took a seat on a chair across from him, as he settled in on the couch somewhat like a Persian cat might. He put both of his hands on his knees and looked to the ceiling as though there was an expectation of communication with the almighty. Then, after a heavy sigh, Ramon glanced down at his hands for a moment before looking directly... Read More

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