Tuesday, January 15, 2019

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Beyoncé is an American Singer, Songwriter, and Actress. Beyoncé age 37 years old, and she was born on 4 September 1981 in Houston, Texas, United States. Beyoncé started his career in the 1990s as a lead singer from her childhood. She has a beautiful voice and sang many singles. She also performed many live concerts all over the world. She is not only a singer but also a fabulous dancer, and she always performed dancing in her music videos and lived shows. Beyoncé was also interested in acting, and she made her acting debut with the Hollywood film Carmen: A Hip Hopera in 2001. She appeared... Read More

It is only fitting that humanitarian filmmaker Sanjay Rawal should have directed 3100: Run and Become, a documentary about Sri Chinmoy’s signature ultra-marathon, the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race. Sri Chinmoy founded this race in 1996, and it has taken place in Queens, New York each year since then.

Sanjay had moved to New York to become a student of Sri Chinmoy in 1997. “I wanted to understand my place in the world.”i

Sanjay spent years working in human rights, helping to improve the lives of people around the world. Since 2010 he has been directing and producing documentary... Read More

The 7th ischronous meeting of the International School of Ministry Ministers’ Network Conference will take place in Johannesburg, Africa. This nurturing minister’s conference will take place from April 30, 2018 to May 2, 2018. The Ministers’ Network Conference is under the auspices of the International School of Ministry of Christ Embassy Church. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome is the President and founder of Believers’ LoveWorld Inc. and of Christ Embassy Church. Rev. Dr. Oyakhilome, D.SC., D.D., has been pastoring for over 30 years. He is also an international teacher, a healer, a best-selling author,... Read More

If someone had spoken to you of reality television three decades ago, you might have considered it a smart idea, but one that would soon lose its sheen. After all, how many times can you watch a group of people trying to sing, survive on an island, or annoy each other in a claustrophobic house?

Turns out, the answer is way more than we could have expected. Survivor is soon to go into its 35th season in the United States alone. Relative newcomer The X-Factor UK is on its 14th season. The Voice, Idols, AGT, BGT, and many other Got Talents have been going for decades around the world.

... Read More

Achieving a balance between mind, body and soul is the ultimate fitness. When you have control over your mind, take a balanced nutritious diet and exercise to stay fit, life is a boon, and this is what the celebrity fitness and life coach David Michigan teaches in his sessions.

People from all walks of life are following him. His ideas are unique and very effective, one that directly connects you to your inner self and helps you attain mental peace and good health.

David has a very clear perspective towards life. He believes that health and fitness is not only a physical aspect... Read More

Vadim Soloveychik - Usain Bolt Vs Kevin Hart, Pokerstars

Soloveychik has reinvented social media fan interaction by turning the 'platform into the scoreboard' for the 2017 face off between track legend Usain Bolt and comedy veteran Kevin Hart. Both enormous characters, whether performing or otherwise, this duo are guaranteed to bring their fans' attention to the world's leading poker client, Pokerstars. Since Pokerstars' buyout by Amaya Inc, they have embraced modern digital marketing techniques and expanded upon their celebrity base. Usain Bolt is world famous for performing at the... Read More

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a television host, a Nigerian Christian minister, author and faith healing minister. He was born in Edo, Nigeria and has two wonderful children Charlane and Sharon. He is estimated to be worth over 30 million dollars. Pastor Chris founded the company Believers' Loveworld Incorporated. It is a Christian ministry that has also come to be known as the Christ Embassy

located in Lagos. There are several subsidiaries of his ministry that include books titled Rhapsody of Realities, LoveWorld, the Healing School and the Innercity Missions for Children. He is so successful,... Read More

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