Wednesday, September 26, 2018

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Former "The View" co-host Rosie O'Donnell described her role on the show in a statement released today as being a "foster kid for the year," she said. "I came, we considered adoption, but I didn't really fit into the family." What happened with Rosie O'Donnell on "The View" was a conflict of personalities. Whatever the root causes of that conflict, and whomever bears responsibility for spilling it onto the broadcast, none of those things makes the "foster kid" analogy acceptable. O'Donnell will find other work because that is simply the way of things; she will adapt and overcome with whatever... Read More
It’s like a bad rash that won’t go away. Most of us want to forget it ever happened, but the two main parties involved won’t let it fade away. No, I’m not talking about Brad and Jennifer, John and Jessica or even Ann and Ellen. I’m talking about Amy and Joey. And I don’t know why I’m even wasting my time. Joey Buttafuoco and his Long Island Lolita, Amy Fisher, renewed their highly dysfunctional relationship last week with their first date in 15 years. The man and the girl who tried to kill his wife and is now all grown-up, had their big night out in Port Jefferson, Long Island.... Read More
This life is a fragile, volatile one. There are no compacts with tomorrow. I have long been aware of my own mortality, but until I received the following certificate of certain death (see below), I had never truly lived. And now my days are numbered. I must cherish each passing moment. My bloody demise at the hands of ihubby tokill is all too imminent. Make no mistake: the gears of fate are in motion. Ihubby tokill is a professional hitman and his "boys" - no matter if they were unable to retrieve my name during their investigations, everyone has bad weeks - are dogged, soulless hunters. If... Read More
By Jane
For the second time in my life, I ran into David Cross in a bar downtown. And for the second time in my life, I managed to ignore him. David Cross is my hero. He’s one of the top five people who have influenced my life. His writing is genius, his comic delivery is hilarious and his acting is perfect. I’m a huge fan. But he will never know and worse yet, for a few reasons, it would be considered rude for me to tell him. I discovered David Cross when a friend introduced me to Mr. Show with Bob and David in 1997. Mr. Show was the most brilliant comedy program ever but only ran for four... Read More

Alyssa Milano is every guy's dream girl. She's super smart, incredibly beautiful, a savvy business woman AND (maybe best of all) she's an LA Dodger fan. She has a great baseball web site called "Touch em All" ( where she has some very well-written, highly insightful postings about the LA Bums. Milano also has a new clothing company called "Touch," featuring a lot of baseball apparel. There's just something that I find so sexy about a woman who knows her baseball. I always enjoy talking to women who know their stuff. Alyssa has obviously been a baseball fan for a long time,... Read More

There is a thin line between love and hate, truth and dishonesty, justice and injustice. Frequently that line is merged between the textures of both sides and neither side is served, neither side prevails. Considering the choices that we assume to make during election time I often wonder if we have a choice at all. Perhaps the Democrats and the Republicans are no longer two parties, perhaps they have emerged as one conglomeration of textures with no opposing agendas to consider. While our government contemplates the New World Order agenda they do so unopposed, Democrats and Republicans seem to... Read More
Here is a deep-about-shallow guide to TV. Daily Shows (listed in chronological order): Your LA (NBC-Los Angeles) A half-hour program that highlights various leisure activities one can do in Los Angeles. For example, a 3-4 minute long segment on a West Hollywood bar for pets and their owners, a guided tour of Korea town restaurants by an up-and-coming actress, and a segment about a Hermosa Beach clothing store whose profits fund breast cancer research. Though Your LA acts as an advertisement vehicle for the businesses it features, it at the same time is practically informative and manages to... Read More

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