Tuesday, September 25, 2018

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In recent weeks, when people tuned into the local news, one of the top stories that seemed to repeatedly surfaced was the fateful days of Paris Hilton in jail. Audience across the viewing area had to stomached breaking news stories about Paris being hauled off to jail, being released from jail, and then being whisked away to jail again. Some people wondered "when will it end," while others pondered "how is this news?" While serious stories that actually need to be broadcasted are pushed to the side for the debutante latest escapades, one reporter decided that enough is enough and lit a fire... Read More
Sharing your BrooWaha articles with your Facebook friends is now a just a click away with the fully integrated BrooWaha application. With the BrooWaha application, your profile will automatically post your most recent articles for all your friends to see. Now you can show the world your stuff, and get your friends to be a part of YOUR Citizen Newspaper! Just click the following link to install it: Add the BrooWaha plugin now! Read More
Jennifer Lopez, tropical spannish/english singer and actress has just realeased her new Spannish album 'Coma Ama Uner Mujer'. Jlo has already realised 2 videos from the album (shown on which have been in the chart in Spain. The album is alot diffrent from her last records. Her english albums include: 'On the 6' 'Jlo' 'This is me...then' 'Rebirth' and 'The Remixes'. With great chart hits like 'If you had my love' 'Love don't cost a thing' and 'Get Right'. The album uses the spannish guitar quite alot especialy in the tracks 'Que hiciste' and 'Me haces falta'. It's across of world... Read More
The papers have been all over the shoot for ITV's 'Belle Du Jour,' starring Billie Piper, like acne on the face of a particularly greasy teenager. And it's not really too surprising that they have been, given Piper's history as juvenile popstar, Chris Evans' child bride and forner star of the succesful revival of Doctor Who. However, while the hairy-palmed onanists have been able to please themselves in their own sordid ways over the paparazzi photos of Piper dressed as 'Belle,' the high-class call girl on whose book the ITV drama is based, they have a lot more to look forward to once the drama... Read More
Sarah Michelle Gellar (TV's Buffy the vampire slayer) has agreed to play the charahter of 'Alice' from the EA video game 'American McGee's Alice'. The plot continues from the incredible story of the popilar childrens novel by Lewis Carroll. It's a remake from the PC game (made in 2001) and is surpossed to be realeased next year 08. The Plot: Alice finds herself in a terrible fire which destroys her house and kills her mother and farther. Due to depression and insanity Alice (Gellar) finds herself returned to Wonderland. But everythings changed, nothings the same and everythings dark. But to unravelling... Read More
We all know Beyonce Knowles, talented young woman, actress and singer, who has those amazing legs. Beyonce has had some fab hits during her time, also movies such as 'Dreamgirls' and 'The pink panther'. B-day is Beyonce's second solo album, followed by 'Dangrously in love' and her group albums with 'Destiny's child'. This year the charts are better than ever, with great artists like Shakira and Jay Z, coming in through the following songs 'Beautiful lair' and 'Deju Vu'. There are 6 videos in the album which some artists can't even get sometimes!!! They are: 'Irriplacible' 'Ring the alarm' 'Listen'... Read More
I can’t forget the night I met you, That’s all I’m dreaming of. Now you call it madness, But I call it love. —Nat King Cole, “You Call It Madness (But I Call It Love)” Bigamy, Forgery, Fraud - College of Marin Band Director Implicated In Reno Divorce The film Crazy Love is out and it’s about the infamous New Yorkers, Burt and Linda Pugach just in bizarre time for the hyped reconciliation of Joey Buttafuoco and Amy Fischer. Marin, not to be out done has James and Morgan Olson. Recent court papers (Reno District Court DV07-00352, Marin CV 070655, FL6764, FL7442) provide glimpses... Read More

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