Monday, December 10, 2018

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A day after the Northridge quake, I was walking down Reseada Blvd. My house in Northridge was pretty much destroyed and I was just looking at some of the other damages. I was going by a store front business, almost all the glass was broken, and the insides were a mess. I looked at the one window left standing. It said, "Fortunes Told".... "$25 special." As I took it all in, a man, the obvious owner, was coming out to the street with a box of trash. "Wow, hit you pretty hard, huh?," I asked, "Completely wiped us out", he responded. I stood motionless for a moment and then asked, "Shouldn't you... Read More
What happens when the people decide to come together? Eventually they (we the people) may decide to forget about our differences, forget about our past and decide to dedicate ourselves to the successful survival of our future. Who does the government think that he is, does it believe that it is even alive without the people who formed it, run it and who pays their homage to it in taxes? It (the government) can neither breathe without the constant worship and considerations of the people who believe in it (the government). Government is not animated in any sense of the word, by no means is it capable... Read More
Beverly Hills, CA - I.M.D.B.’s plot analysis for the Disney Film Air Bud: Golden Receiver is as simple as the “Story of a golden retriever who can play football,” however today’s allegations could change that plotline forever. A new athlete was indicted today for the alleged use of Human Growth Hormone, as former Maine Senator and Disney Chairman George Mitchell added professional athlete and former employee Buddy the Dog AKA “Air Bud” to the growing list of athletes under investigation for using performance enhancing drugs to meet the ever evolving demand for bigger faster and stronger... Read More
The subject matter of my writing is pretty much about stuff. I watch people and when I observe stuff that is amazing or amusing, I muse about it a bit. My journalism is pretty much sarcastic but all in good fun and never meant to offend. I also find it both entertaining and remarkable that most of the people who choose to comment do so about me, and say relatively little about my work. The most compelling part of this equation is that they know NOTHING about me. They scan a sentence or two and then vomit rudely in the comment section (based on their own stuff) I assume. It’s fine, just... Read More
What is it with the Beatles and their women? Many people have claimed that Yoko Ono led to the eventual breakup of the band. And now poor Paul McCartney is in a lengthy divorce case with his ex-wife. Everyone associated with the couple has said that Mills is a star-chasing, money-grubbing leach who latched onto McCartney for money and fame, not love. Mills alienated many of McCartney’s closest friends with her rudeness and huge ego. Now Mills is saying that she’s the victim. It’s pathetic, in my opinion. She’s backing off because she realizes that Paul has a lot more support in the... Read More
In the typical world of the 9 to 5 job where working for 'The Man' is stressful enough. You're always trying to find a way to beat the system or defy the rules by being the rebel among your staff. Someone who others can look up to knowing that you've stood up to 'The Man'. What if your problem is not...with 'The Man'?(In most cases it does) But this is special and more challenging. Why? Because, not only is 'The Man' an individual that you despise but he/she seems to counter by hiring a nemesis to the working staff. This is called the co-worker nightmare. "Gentlemen, I'd like to introduce a... Read More
The Cannibal Song (to Row, Row, Row Your Boat) Stir, stir, stir the soup Taste it with a spoon Yummy, yummy, yummy, yummy Hope she'll be done soon. Shame on me for criticizing the construction of Mr. Bush's bazillion dollar border wall along the Mexican border. I publicly apologize, how was I to know that we faced the danger of being overrun with Cannibalistic Mexican Writers. Ack, shades of 28 days later! For the uninformed, on October 5, 2007, an aspiring Mexican horror novelist, Jose Luis Calva, was arrested after the cops found his girlfriend's torso in his closet, a leg in the... Read More

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