Thursday, September 20, 2018

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I've came across several celebrities in my life by way of working at prestigious hotels and as a valet in several hi-rise condos of the Wilshire Corridor. I've been working off/on in these kind of environments since the year 2000. It's nothing to brag about but my run ins with celebrities are always an interest to the star-struck folks out there. To me, it isn't a big deal. They're not what they seem in person as they appear in the movies or television. Its not that they look thin or fat in person, its just that they look like any 'joe' off the street. In my life time I've been star struck... Read More

Britney is back bitch! Better than ever, with some great chart topper tracks including 'Gimmie More' 'Piece of Me' and the upcomming single 'Radar'! The bumber side though is that its told that Britney is filming a music video for an unrealised track named 'Get Back'! The track is super amazing and has been edited over 3x!!! Now finnally finshed and completed Britney has now had second thoughts and is saying she should have put the track on the new album 'Blackout'! Britney has now announced that this year 2008, 'Blackout' will return, but with 2 disks with all the tracks she didn't feature!... Read More
In our idle time a few of us dabble a little in the study of law and criminal sciences, these proclivities for acquiring such knowledge certainly doesn’t empower one as an authority of these fields, even the best of us who are considered professionals and experts find it difficult at times to determine what is legally responsible or morally dignified as it pertains to dispensing criminal justice. This is never more meaningful than determining when and if civilian justice or services is either warranted or justified, in criminal cases where the civilian takes the law in his/her own hands and... Read More
Richard Karn fans around the world were enraged Wednesday to hear that an anonymous reader of the "Citizen Newspaper Network" would like to see a rating of "lower than 1" added to the website's article rating system, in response to an article written about the former Home Improvement star. The Official Richard Karn Fan Club released the following statement: "Fans and supporters of Richard Karn were very saddened today hear of this senseless act of cruelty. It is our sincere hope that the parties involved can resolve this issue in a calm and timely manner and that they are careful not to further... Read More

Santa Monica, CA - One million disgruntled boyfriends marched outside the home of British singer-songwriter James Blunt Thursday to protest the unrealistic expectations of devotion, admiration and respect his songs have inspired in legions of shrill, angry girlfriends around the world. Blunt's single "You're Beautiful", which held the number-one spot on Billboard's Top 100 in both the United States and the UK in 2005, has since been blamed for the termination of over 86,000 long term relationships in both countries, as well as in Canada. "We will no longer stand by and allow this man's music... Read More

A day after the Northridge quake, I was walking down Reseada Blvd. My house in Northridge was pretty much destroyed and I was just looking at some of the other damages. I was going by a store front business, almost all the glass was broken, and the insides were a mess. I looked at the one window left standing. It said, "Fortunes Told".... "$25 special." As I took it all in, a man, the obvious owner, was coming out to the street with a box of trash. "Wow, hit you pretty hard, huh?," I asked, "Completely wiped us out", he responded. I stood motionless for a moment and then asked, "Shouldn't you... Read More
What happens when the people decide to come together? Eventually they (we the people) may decide to forget about our differences, forget about our past and decide to dedicate ourselves to the successful survival of our future. Who does the government think that he is, does it believe that it is even alive without the people who formed it, run it and who pays their homage to it in taxes? It (the government) can neither breathe without the constant worship and considerations of the people who believe in it (the government). Government is not animated in any sense of the word, by no means is it capable... Read More

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