Saturday, December 15, 2018

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To be honest, I knew that, at some point, this would get difficult. Before this round, I could look at the brackets, and with only a few exceptions, pick the winners right away. But now we’ve gotten down to some of Broo’s best and most profound personalities – and parsing between them is nearly impossible. Writing this has been the most fun I’ve had writing since I joined the Broo. It’s certainly not the best stuff I’ve written, and it goes against the very sage advice I once got in writing humor (to never use “inside” jokes ), but... Read More

Well kids, it’s time for the second weekend of the Broo Deathmatch Writers’ tournament, and along with the drama of the first round came a few wonderfully unexpected developments: First, V finally returned from what we thought was a simple sabbatical Down Under (pronounced "down-unda"), but what actually turned out to be a nuptual getaway – only to find the rest of us knee-deep in American sports-themed nonsense. All heartbreak aside, watching V try to understand just what we were up to and how her name got mixed up in it was easily the best thing to come of this little... Read More

I had the chance recently to sit down with the legendary Portland columnist, Nhemerson before his second round bout of the first annual Broowaha writer Deathmatch. I was reminded by his support staff (a yellow sticky note on his door) that this was a great honor and I should treat this interview like the gracious gift that it was. It went on to list the rules of interviewing such a dangerous man; No direct eye contact at any time, no mentioning of signs of aging like slight belly paunch or receding hairline, and that any mention of Dandy Warhols lead singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor would... Read More

So, as I know you’re all waiting with bated breath – here are the second half of the first round results for this deathmatch insanity.

Credo vs Crowbar

It was bound to happen, a top seed would come in overconfident and be taken to task by an upstart, just-happy-to-be-here eighth seed. On one hand, the top seed, Credo, a solid Broo participant – a thinking man, who's mastered topics as diverse as the city in which he lives. His latest article about sticking it to the IRS (in an purely intellectual way, of course) has garnered a Jen-and-Tonic-esque ten... Read More

Well, with apologies for the delay… the first round of the Broo Writers Deathmatch is in the books… with only a few upsets posted. Your Broo All-Stars are still very much alive and steamrolling towards the final four… There’s been some call for me to explain myself – as to just what exactly this is. And to that I say, I will do no such thing. On to the results:

Ed Attansio vs. Dr. Traci

It’s possible that Ed may finally meet his match in this tournament – but it wasn’t going to be in the first round. While an impressive... Read More

Dr. Traci vs Mora Ulman

As much of an advantage as it would be to have a naked profile picture – it looks like Mora is nowhere to be found – and even still, a PhD is a pretty heavy hammer to wield in this writing battle royale. Dr. Traci wins in a walkover – and now faces the juggernaut that is Big Ed.

Crowbar vs Tumerica

From their own descriptions:

"Tumerica is a freelance nonfiction writer, foodie, and poet. Tumerica lived for five years in Japan. When not devising strategies to change the world, she devotes the rest of her time to thinking... Read More

So here it is folks, the BrooWaha Deathmath... the genius of Bill Friday combined with my unimaginable lack of social options on St. Patty's day has bore this - another, less meaningful way to waste your time this tournament season. Eight (8) automatic bids – one for each of the top “Editions” of the Broo, awarded to the most read author in that division and twenty four (24) “at large” bids determined by the selection committee (consisting mostly of me). Selection critera was mostly the top twenty five (25) Broo writers ever - and some honorable mention folks... Read More

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