Friday, October 20, 2017

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I had been saving up to buy a small, used, gas saving car. I knew if I found a good deal I would have to act fast and with cash in hand. I found one! yeah! a sweet deal, low mileage, good body condition, great gas mileage, I was the first one to call and the first one with cash in hand gets the goods. No problem, I have my savings, ready for action and just this very thing.

I went to the bank, no name mentioned but sounds like a beating of a cow, to get MY CASH, of course I have enough, I fill out the slip, greet the nice cashier, make small talk, and get refused MY MONEY. Oh, Hell... Read More

I didn’t have a chance to read Gawker’s response yesterday to the NY Time’s latest Fox News hit piece, because I was busy writing my own response.

Several bloggers e-mailed me the link to Gawker’s article and many of them were quite incredulous that I had not read it. They were right, I should have read it. While the underlying premise of the piece is totally wrong, it’s a very entertaining article and I laughed my a*s off while reading it.

Gawker trains its sites on chief FNC flack, Irena Briganti, who Gawker labels “a mouthpiece of Fox... Read More

His name is Joe and he lives on the 16th floor of a high rise building in the heart of the Wilshire corridor. This guy is tall and not handsome but of course living on Wilshire Blvd, his money does the talking for him. I don't know what he's like during the week days, but on the weekends this guy is the ultimate playboy. Well, not really a playboy because he has to buy his romantic pleasures. There are all kinds of broads driving in to see Joe.

These girls are young and beautiful! They're the kind of girls that I have trouble saying 'Hi' to. They don't pay attention to a guy in uniform.... Read More

As an EX Laker fan and someone who worked at one big sports network for years, I have always wondered about some of these pro athletes wives. More recently after reading El G’s article about yet another Kobe Bryant affair/scandal rumor, I started thinking about one particular pro athlete wife that is showing signs that she just might be……psycho.

There is nothing more frightening then a psycho woman. Women who are psycho are evil, pure and simple. Crazy to the core….with no capacity to understand or reason and they do not embody any kind of moral judgment.... Read More

Okay, a bad take off of the Cops theme. But I really don’t care because I hate that show. It’s stupid, moronic and another in a long list of signs America is moving toward a Communist State. But that’s a gripe for another column.

This time, I’m calling on everyone who gets their tax rebate check to actually do something good with your money. Give it to me!

Just kidding.

Here’s the thing. How are these measly little peanut papers going to help stimulate the economy? After all, if you spend it at Wal-Mart, most likely it will be on some... Read More

So, ladies, gentlemen and El G, it’s come to this. The Broo Thunderdome must finally be adjudicated, there must be a champion crowned. Rest assured that when wrested this idea from Bill Friday three weeks ago, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. In fact, I imagined that the idea would get little or no play with the Broo faithful, and it would die shortly after I drafted the initial piece. Little did I know that now nine articles later, I would have generated 160 comments (most better than the articles themselves), 39 reviews (most of them sterling – save one angry... Read More

A buddy of mine called me last week and said, “Hey dood, have you Googled your name lately?” Unlike John Mayer, I don’t Google myself every day.

“You have a stalker, man,” he informed me. “What the heck,” I replied. “I thought stalkers were for celebrities, not bloggers.”

I guess I was wrong. I Googled my name and lo and behold, I found my first hater. I’m not going to tell you the name of his blog, because he (or she) doesn’t deserve the publicity. But, here is what they wrote:

“I know a lot of... Read More

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