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I am a husband, father, cat and dog lover. I love soccer, hockey, and football as a spectator. My greatest joys are my wife, twin sons, five cats and one dog, FC Barcelona, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the Pittsburgh Steelers. I am a liberal Democrat politically and consider myself highly patriotic. My patriotism was evoked in the sixties by JFK, MLK, Jr. and RFK. It has been reignited current Democratic candidates and leaders such as Alan Grayson. Like Mr. Grayson: "I want us to believe in the promise of America again. And I want you to join me, to make that happen." I am currently engaged in planning and brainstorming the organization and content of a new book - "A Republic if We Can Keep It - Toward a Bountiful Politics of Principle and Purpose for America and All Americans." My goal is to complete and publish it in the summer of 2011.

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North Park Lounge, Friday's, Rockefellers, Sesame Inn


Playing the Enemy, Invisible Hands, Shock Doctrine, Make Gentle the Life of the World, A Call to Conscience, Predator State


Anything by Jon Kay, The Egmont Overture, CSN and Y


High Noon, Invictus, Lake House, Time to Kill, Les Miserables

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