Monday, June 24, 2019

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Photographers are often given the privilege to carry out their work in many sensitive and complicated situations. Regardless of the environment that they are placed in they still need to photograph what is required of them while being completely aware of what’s happening around them. And, possibly one of the most challenging environments to work in is at a funeral service.

There aren’t many people who would like the grief of saying goodbye to a loved one documented on camera but some wish to hold onto the memory and celebrate the life of the one they lost. Many even consider funeral... Read More

Successfully dealing with a difficult teenager is not as overwhelming as many parents paint it to be. Learn how to respect your teen, and make him understand he is old enough to take certain decisions, as well as expressing their opinions and views. The best way to create a bond between you and your team is by showing them love and respect.

Be more open to listening

Often, the one thing that teens need is someone who can listen to what they have to say. Whenever your teen is trying to express a view or say something, you should listen to them instead of dismissing them right... Read More

Going to university is a valuable experience, but the costs can deter students who don't think they can pay for it. Luckily, there are many scholarships available as long as you know where to look. Jason Kulpa, the donor behind the Jason Kulpa Wife Scholarship, points you in the right direction where you might be able to find free money.

1. Scholarship websites -- Many websites, such as FastWeb and Cappex, have vast lists of scholarships for which you can apply. These websites often have millions of dollars worth of scholarships listed on their pages. If you make an account with them,... Read More

Moving into a new home is an exciting, but often stressful endeavor. What’s more, there’s nothing worse than moving into a new place and discovering that your future home will need some significant TLC. (Coincidentally, that’s why it’s crucial to inspect any property thoroughly before you decide to put money down.) On the plus side, you don’t have to be a DIY expert to improve the quality of your living situation. Rather, consider checking out any of these four simple -- yet highly effective -- ways to improve your new house:

Go Green

Trees are inexpensive,... Read More

Videography is not an easy task. Videographers need to master a lot of different skills and not just be able to take good photos. Videographers also need to improve their skills and learn new ones. Every year, there are new trends videographers need to keep up with.

Here are some of the biggest videography trends to look out for this year.

1. Video content is becoming “king” of social media

Businesses putting up ads on social media compete to gain the viewer’s attention. Thus, the rise of video content consumption. Video content continues to dominate... Read More

In the eyes of many, golf is an expensive sport to take up. Investments are needed on the golf equipment such as the golf clubs, bags and other paraphernalia an aspiring golfer would want. For the seasoned golfer, an electric trolley could be another hefty investment although it depends on the budget and need of a player.

Being a sport where golfers can mingle and play at the same time, golf does pay off in the end. But of course, one needs to make an impression such as showing to his golf mate that he does take the sport seriously and with class. Hence, this is where the proper investment... Read More

Surreal sound and light for an atmospheric ceremony – very few can do it like the way Clownfish does.

Clownfish Events is a bespoke event management company comprising of a permanent, carefully selected team of event planners, account managers, technical crew, professional party people and brand ambassadors.

Their job is to deliver unforgettable events by bringing your ideas to life.

What makes them unique?

Here are 5 reasons why I consider Clownfish as a unique event management company in the UK:

1. They bubble with personality

They are... Read More

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