Quickest Ways to Lose Weight for Beach Season

Quickest Ways to Lose Weight for Beach Season

We’ve all known this exact feeling before: April is coming to an end and we’re nowhere near ready to go head-on down to our local swimming pool or the nearest public beach. This is a very common occurrence that you should never be ashamed of. Weight loss sometimes feels like a mystic, astronomical experience, always changing and shifting depending on who you talk to. Changing fads and diets can make losing weight a confusing process. However, shedding excess poundage is a science and can be replicated consistently if constant effort and discipline are applied to proven methods. Let’s look at some time-tested, tried-and-true weight loss tips.

Short Burst Exercise

Even though it’s true that steady cardio like running and jogging is good for you, they still don’t burn a significant amount of calories as some other exercises can. Short, intense bursts of cardio will activate your body’s metabolism better and can melt off body fat at a much quicker rate than continuous cardio. Instead of a twenty-minute jog, try implementing short sprints on and off for the same period of time. Running hills, jump rope, and low-weight circuits are other short-burst cardio options as well. Remember to be careful with explosive moments, as improper technique can cause bodily damage. Making Time For Exercise With A Busy Lifestyle can feel impossible most of the time, but it can be accomplished!

Get Some Sleep!

An often underlooked weight-loss option, catching some Z’s can actually make a world of difference. While we sleep, our body is repairing and restoring our damaged, tired selves, fixing the damage and stress from our waking hours. However, the correct amount of sleep an individual needs varies from person to person. Generally, getting more than six hours of sleep a night can improve exercise output, overall weight loss, and promotes a healthy, mental mindset: all things needed for successful weight loss. Try darkening your bedroom (with blackout curtains or a similar product), keeping a regular sleep schedule, and waking up without going back to sleep. When you press the snooze button, your brain’s sleep process starts all over again, causing negative effects when the process isn’t carried out fully.

Clean Up Your Diet

What you put in your body directly affects your weight-loss efforts. Sugars, fats, and simple carbs will reside in your body and can be difficult to burn off. The best way to avoid this is to limit your intake of these substances. Try replacing soda with coffee, tea, or a low-calorie seltzer and find healthier ways to implement your favorite foods (cauliflower pizza dough for example). Also, keep in mind, home-prepared meals will most likely have an edge on processed, packaged, and fast foods.

Weight-Loss Surgeries

If your schedule and lifestyle don’t allow for any of the above suggestions, medical weight-loss procedures are also an option. If you’re a suitable candidate for the procedure, weight-loss options like liposuction or “tummy tucks” can help see immediate results. Removing small deposits of body fat or getting rid of excess skin are the end results. For example, RCMC Medical has an excellent medical weight loss clinic and offers top-of-the-line weight loss procedures.

Conclusion: Let's go over what we've discussed. Short, intense bursts of cardio are better for burning fat; getting more than six hours of sleep a night boosts body functions; cleaning up your diet by cutting down on sugar and using substitutions for unhealthy options makes a huge difference; weight-loss surgeries are a viable option if you are short on time, have the funds, and are an applicable candidate. Hopefully, these tips will help you feel your best when your toes meet the sand this summer!