Tips To Make Your Wedding Memorable for Your Guests

Tips To Make Your Wedding Memorable for Your Guests

As much as your wedding day is about you, it’s critical that you also take the wants and needs of your guests into consideration. After all, these are the people who show up to support you. They’re the most important people in your life, and you should treat them as such. There’s no shortage of ways that you can make your wedding memorable for your guests. These are the several ideas to kickstart the planning.

Personally Greet Them

If you do nothing else, try to work this into your busy plans. When you personally greet your guests, you show them that you care. Of course, when you do this depends on the type of wedding you’re having, its location, and the number of people in attendance.

For example, you may not be able to personally greet your guests until the reception is in full swing. Conversely, if you’re having a destination wedding, you may be able to greet them upon arrival at the hotel but the conversation shouldn't be very long. Small talk is generally more than enough, especially if you don’t have a long history with the person.

Spend Time With Everyone at the Reception

Yes, this is easier said than done but it’s something you should try to accomplish. Work the room to the best of your ability to ensure that you spend as much time as possible with everyone at the reception. Stay in touch with your spouse about who they’ve spoken with to ensure that at least one of the two of you “hits” everyone.

Once again, you don’t need to spend a long amount of time with everyone. A few minutes here and there is all that it takes. This is more than enough to show that you are grateful for their attendance.

Choose an Inviting Venue

Some venues are more inviting than others, so you’ll want to compare a minimum of three to five before making a final decision. Take a close look at all the details, from the size to the amenities, to ensure that you choose an inviting venue. This is what it takes to make people feel at home. And when they feel at home, they’re much more likely to have a memorable time.

Tip: while you want to choose a venue that your guests will enjoy, don’t overlook the importance of doing what’s best for you and your partner. And of course, your budget should always come into play. You don’t want to overspend just to impress other people. This is something you’ll end up regretting.

Provide a Welcome Bag

This isn’t something that everyone does, but in certain situations it makes sense. A destination wedding is one of those situations because you have people staying overnight. When they arrive in their room, you want them to come across a personal bag welcoming them. This can include anything and everything, ranging from water bottles to a thank you note to a personalized candy bar.

Think Outside the Box

A memorable wedding is one that’s not the same as every other. As you move through the planning process, do your best to think outside the box. Let your creativity shine through. Search online to see what other people are doing.

Sparklers for weddings are a growing trend. Many people hand these out to guests so that they can light them at the end of the night. Or perhaps you want to stick with the color theme of your wedding. In this case, something like a blue smoke bomb would bring an extra layer of uniqueness to your big day.

Don’t think so far outside the box that your wedding evolves into something you don’t want it to be. However, put on your thinking hat and get as creative as you can while sticking to the theme you’ve decided on.

Final Thoughts

These are five of the best ways to make your wedding memorable for your guests but don’t stop there. Think long and hard about anything and everything you can do to provide an inviting atmosphere on your big day. What else would you add to the list above? Do you have personal experiences from your own wedding that you can share?