Key Advantages of Quitting Alcohol for a Month

Key Advantages of Quitting Alcohol for a Month

Drinking helps some people relax and unwind, but alcohol causes tension and makes life feel more stressful for many. Imagine, for a moment, what your life might look like without all those unwanted effects. Alcohol interventions can be useful for this along with other methods.

Research shows that people who have not drunk any alcohol in the past month report feeling "more energetic, more engaged in work and social activities and more optimistic about their future than those who drink regularly. Suppose you're looking to cut back on your booze consumption or give it up altogether. Yet, if you stop going to the casino for a while, you'll have more money for other things.

Do you want to stop drinking? If you are keen on making the first step towards quitting alcohol, below are seven things your body might thank you for:

1. Better Sleep

When you stop drinking alcohol, say goodbye to the drowsy early-afternoon slump. A recent study found that men who had eight or more drinks a week could experience a significant increase in deep, restorative sleep—63 percent more, to be exact. Good sleep helps prevent memory problems and chronic illness.

2. Loss of Weight

If you stop drinking alcohol for a month, there are numerous benefits. Your weight will drop as your body flushes out toxins from the extra alcohol you consume.

The first symptom of a month-long sobriety party is weight loss. That's because it's widely accepted that alcohol packs on the pounds. Alcohol also contains a ton of calories – around one hundred for a single beer and even more for mixed drinks. No wonder cutting out a cold one makes you thinner – a recent study says it can help you lose four pounds in as little as two weeks!

3. You will be More Cheerful

If you stop drinking for a month, you'll be happier and more cheerful after just a week. Here's why: Alcohol in your bloodstream suppresses activity in the areas of the brain that control judgment, reasoning, and moderation. These frontal lobes can't function when alcohol is in them, so they take weeks to recover.

4. Improvement of Willpower

Some people experience withdrawal symptoms when they first stop drinking. The symptoms, which may include anxiety and insomnia, can be relieved through counseling and medical treatment.

However, many former drinkers say they don't necessarily "feel" any better upon quitting — they just notice improvements in their health as time goes on. Others report more immediate benefits. Many former drinkers say their willpower improves dramatically after they quit drinking, so they feel empowered to make other healthy changes in their life as well.

5. Your Skin Will Glow

Well, if you stop drinking alcohol, your body can repair itself. You'll be healthier. Your skin will clear up. And most importantly, your liver will remove old red blood cells faster, thus softening your skin and giving you a dewy glow.

Look ten years younger by stopping drinking for one whole month. Yes, all it takes is cutting out alcohol, coffee, and lots of sugar to look like you've just had a fantastic facelift. That's not to mention the extra energy you'll have, more restful sleep, and better digestion.

6. You Just Might Lose Friends

Every guy has a drinking buddy they wish they could be, and every girl has a friend she wishes would stop drinking.

Drinking is a social activity, and we sometimes make friends through drinking. But if you stop drinking, you might lose those friendships. If any of your friends are fellow drinkers, they may feel like you're judging them when you decline their invitations to go out for a drink.

7. You'll Definitely Make More Savings

If you have a few drinks every week — and many people do — it adds up quickly. Luckily, if you can give up drinking for a month, you'll save quite a bit of cash. The extra dough could go toward your savings account or your next vacation or big purchase. It could also help pay down debt or cover your insurance premiums until the next open enrollment. Give up alcohol for one month, and you'll have an extra $1,077 in your pocket at the end of it.

Typically, it's not just about saving money when you stop drinking, though. You'll also be protecting your health. Alcohol addiction rehab can be really helpful in dealing with alcohol addictions.