Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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One of the most commonly asked questions from prospective life insurance buyers is, “I already have life insurance through my employer — why do I need more?”

It’s a great question. Do you really need a personal life insurance policy if you’re covered by your employer?

First, if you work in a place that provides life insurance, consider yourself lucky. There is virtually no downside to life insurance provided by your workplace — you get coverage at a group rate, which means lower premiums. Plus, the state of your health matters less, since your policy is covered in the group... Read More

The term “toxic relationship” gets thrown around quite a bit. The thing is, most people equate the term with only romantic relationships. Unfortunately, toxicity has no boundaries as far as relationships go, and can span family, friends, and even work relationships. For the sake of this article, we’ll focus on knowing when you’re in a toxic romantic relationship. These tips will help you identify toxicity so that you can make the right decision for your overall well-being. Keep reading to learn about the signs that you’re in a toxic relationship.

It’s All About Them

... Read More

Are you having problems finding the right bra size? That's nothing new. Almost 8 out of 10 women are clueless about their bra size or are wearing the wrong bra size. It is because, for years women are not taught to talk on the subject of getting their bra size. Also, they are not allowed to learn ways to measure their size correctly.

Do you resonate with this? Do you at times find something protruding close to the chest the moment you get to see a mirror? If yes, then it's your breasts having a spillover. And that indicates only one thing – that you yet don't have the correct bra... Read More

When planning to get married, you need a single status certificate to prove that you are single and free to tie the knot. This is necessary to prevent cases of having more than one spouse as the case in some countries. India has various international migrants and millions of Indians settled abroad. The chances of getting married to people from other nations are high. A single status certificate is essential to prove that you are not married to someone else.

Getting a single status certificate in India

Also known as a singleness certificate to prove bachelorhood, this legal... Read More

If you are getting into the world of event planning, it is a good idea to establish a niche. In other words, event planners should have specific types of events they specialize in. This will make it easier for you to find work and it will make it easier for clients to find you.

Once you start building a name for yourself, people will begin seeking you out if they are looking for events within your niche.

Once you become a well-known event planner, you can begin branching out if you want to broaden your horizons.

Niches can be broad, or they can be more specific.... Read More

Christmas is a time of the years that been celebrated in almost every corner of the world. It not only marks the birth of Jesus Christ but a time where family and friends gather around and wish each other live and luck for the coming New Year.

Christmas Eve marks the beginning of a shopping spree that doesn’t only ends with buying decorative items or candle or cakes, but a lot more than this. Christmas is shopping time for the entire family. From winter clothing to buying off-season discounted things. It’s more like a shopping festival leaping.

Why is Christmas good time... Read More

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