Wednesday, August 12, 2020

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The winter season has truly begun, which means that we’re about to see a complete overhaul in the weather that we are having. Traveling is becoming more and more treacherous, and it’s not just about the drivers out there. Those who commute to and from work on foot are going to find it increasingly difficult to manage on the sidewalks. The days are shorter, the nights are longer, and the decrease in daylight often means the risk of slips, trips, and falls happen. Not only that, but there is a chance that those on the wrong side of the law are going to find opportune moments to attack, too.... Read More

Finding the best IAS academy in Delhi is an activity that leaves most of the IAS aspirants highly perplexed. As huge crowds of the IAS aspirants rush to Delhi year after year to prepare for the IAS Exam, it’s no wonder that a number of IAS academies have almost mushroomed like anything all over the capital.

Besides, as each IAS coaching institution claims itself to be the best, it gets even more confusing for the IAS aspirants to find the best. And the point to be noted is that you would like to join none but the best of the cadres, and that is IAS. So how can you think... Read More

How much effort do you put into your health? Perhaps you exercise a couple of times a week, or you do your best to eat your five a day? But how much effort do you put into your mental health?

Mental health issues are finally being given the spotlight, helping many people identify their problems, as well as look for better ways to improve their mental health.

Could you do more to look after your mental health? Here are some tips to calm your mind and help you find your inner peace in 2020.

Limit the stress in your life

Stress can have... Read More

It is that time of year again, the time where you start to think about the new year, the festivities of Christmas and the fact that your home could do with a real declutter. Don’t you agree? Christmas is the time, especially for families, where more things come into the home. December is also a time where we start to look to the new year, and would you believe it is one of the most common times to take action with your home and clear yourself of the clutter. So how do you go about it? What can you do? With that in mind, here are some of the best ways you can declutter your home now and in... Read More

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One year is a good chunk of time to be able to set some goals and work hard at them, but you might be wondering how much can you really do in this space of time, is it long enough to genuinely change your life for the better?

Improve Your Health

If you've been living an unhealthy lifestyle for some time, then you might not even realise how unwell you feel until you start making changes for the better. Within a few months you could have a whole new lease on life- start eating a clean diet, cutting... Read More

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Many of us are guilty of spending too much time on our smartphones. But have you ever considered whether you’re spending too much money on your smartphone too?

From in-app purchases to buying extra data, there are many hidden costs to be wary of as a smartphone user. Here are just a few rules for spending less money on your phone.

Settle for an older model

Some of us are obsessed with owning the latest smartphone model. Such models are often very expensive – especially elite versions. For instance, 2019’s iPhone... Read More

With what seems like an ever-growing number of products on the market, it has become harder for consumers to choose, or ‘make the right choice.’ Whether it’s goods in stores or services, selecting the right option requires some research to make an informed decision.

However, there is another way. Many services and products are now offering samples, free trials, or preliminary consultations, at no cost to the prospective buyer. There isn’t enough time available to seek out and try everything on offer, but sometimes taking up a free opportunity can provide what is needed.

Here... Read More

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