Monday, August 19, 2019

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The debate surrounding the benefits of employee perks vs pay packet incentives has been waging for some time now, with no let up in the tug of war between both sides. While corporate work perks are great when you have them, a little bit more money in your monthly pay packet would likely be much more appreciated. This article attempts to set the record straight and solve this age old debate. So, whether you love yourself a free night out at the expense of your employer or your just want more money at the end of the month, this is the article for you.

Employee perks vs pay... Read More

One of the most common misconceptions about professional window washing is that it becomes a nonchalant ordeal. However, even the most hardened long-term window washers will admit that it can still be an intensive job at times. While we are well trained and take numerous safety measures to keep us and our colleagues safe, it is hard to avoid the fact that our jobs often involve dangling hundreds of feet in the air suspended only by a few thin cables.

The wind is often the single largest contributor to our discomfort. Most people simply look at the forecast if they want to know how... Read More

If you’re looking to replace r-22 on Intellipak AC unit or to service your commercial rooftop air conditioning system in any other way, there are a few things you can keep in mind. Here are a few examples of points to remember in order to find the best commercial air conditioning systems and service.

Customer Service Chat

When you’re looking for a new commercial air conditioning system that’s the best of the best, it helps if you go to a site that has customer service options to help you get the best system for your particular situation. It’s just going to work a lot better... Read More

For most people, nothing is scarier than the thought of being involved in a car accident. Car accidents can cause serious damage to you physically, emotionally, and financially. Knowing how to prepare yourself and what steps to take during and after a car accident is important. There are some things that reduce the risk of further damage or injury. If you, unfortunately, happen to find yourself in a car accident, remember these steps to deal with the situation safely.

Step 1: Check For Injuries

After being involved in an auto accident, you should first assess your physical health... Read More

Summer is the ideal season for throwing the perfect garden party. Who doesn’t enjoy a get-together organised in a garden or backyard, surrounded by tall green trees and colourful ambrosially smelling flowers bathing in much-awaited sunshine, accompanied by beautiful birds singing and crickets chirping? By adding comfortable furniture, delicious food and fresh seasonal cocktails, you make a perfect combo with nature. However, there are many things to consider when organising a summer soirée.

1. The setting

The basic thing you should undoubtedly start with is the setting.... Read More

Other than being visually displeasing, a pest infestation is a danger for the stability of your home, as well as the health of all of its inhabitants. Termites alone can cause as much as $5 billion in damage to homes all over the United States, which is just one of the reasons why they need to take a high place on your priority list when you are moving into a older property.

As for the health hazards that come along with these pests, you might soon start dealing with issues like asthma and respiratory issues, West Nile virus, hantavirus, leptospirosis, and numerous other illnesses.... Read More

When your dream wedding is over and the photographer had taken hundreds of amazing photos, you still have something to do: it's time to create the wedding album that holds all the pics of the most unforgettable moments of the big day. Some couples choose to make the photo book as soon as the excitement of the wedding is over, while others wait a couple of weeks to really get used to the new life.

Regardless of which path you pick, you have to keep in mind that organizing the photos isn't a simple task. You have to take into consideration a few things to be able to create the most... Read More

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