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Journals: When Ted Told Me He Was God - Los Angeles, 1992

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Poet YVONNE DE LA VEGA was born and raised in Los Angeles, her work literally embodying the diverse spirit of the city. Her voice is one of social consciousness, personal mythos, cultural compassion and pockmarked humor. She often hails the beauty she finds in most every aspect of life, be it in the backyard of a suburban neighborhood, the winding roads of Mulholland Drive or in the eyes of a homeless person heralding prophesies from the corner of Hollywood and Highland. Her own past includes the loss of her family at a very young age which she claims was crucial, stating that "poets are given a very heavy dose of life experience in order to fulfill their life's purpose, which is to transpose their tragedies or circumstances using the spoken and written word to reach others, those in need of a similar healing." She concludes that, like a true shaman (to quote Robert Graves), "poets are born and not made", relating that even if one person out of an audience of one hundred comes forward to thank her or her fellow poets for their message, then their work is done. Yvonne has recorded spoken word projects with numerous great names in the music and recording industry, including tracks produced by Ray Manzarek of The Doors, being the only female poet Manzarek has ever consented to produce and accompany. She features on Jump Street with Herb Alpert, (A&M Records) a spoken word and hip hop single that showcases her poetry with Alpert's music. She appears on Malcolm McClaren's Round The Outside, Round The Outside album (Virgin Records), with a poem by Garcia Lorca. She has also appeared on several spoken word recordings that producer Harvey Kubernik produced for New Alliance Records, her recording peers consisting of Amiri Baraka, Michael McClure, Wanda Coleman and others. Yvonne de la Vega is currently working on her forthcoming collection of poetry, Tommorrow, Yvonne and currently hosts BTR's WordBeat, a weekly poetry and jazz podcast every Sunday, a radio show that features recorded spoken word and jazz interludes, as well as an open mike format, where poets from all over the world call in to recite their poetry over jazz, deejayed by de la Vega herself.

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"Tomorrow, Yvonne - Poetry & Prose for Suicidal Egotists" (Lummox Press) That's my forthcoming book, due out in the fall. "The Electric Yes Indeed!" by Scott Wannberg "Heroes and Rogues" by Robert Graves "I, Claudius" by Robert Graves "Paper Shredders - A Surf Anthology" -edited by G. Murray Thomas & Gary Wright "Against Forgetting - Twentieth Century Poetry of Witness" edited by Carolyn Forche The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice... yes


Duke Ellington, Jao Gilberto, The K'au Crater Boys, Charlie Mingus, Thelonius Monk, Astrud Gilberto, Antonio Jobim, Coltrane Plays The Blues, all Joni Mitchell, Miles Davis, Blaise Smith, most '70's rock 'n roll. so much more...


Being There, Monty Python, Jonathan Sayles, Anything Disney/Pixar Animated Films my favorite, all of Johnny Depp's films, all of Brando, Black Orpheus, Orlando, Dangerous Beauty, Melena, Up, and again, so much more...

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