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I was born with a passionate desire to communicate, to organize experience, to tell tales that dramatize the adventures which readers might have had. I have been that man who sat by the window at night, letting my imagination soar the infinity of the sky, swim the ultimate depth of the ocean and fly away with wings of the wind. I write to savor life in the moment and in the retrospection. I write to tell stories and inspire life. I write also to become myself, more so day by day. Writing is a way to shape out visible and invisible, in myself as well as in the world. Writing is showing what I feel and what I value most in life. I am who I want to be. I am a writer, by heart and by soul. Visit my blogs at: and

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I spend a lot of time in my room. I have books, my laptop, my drawing supplies, a key board. When I'm with friends, we like to go to the plaza or go hiking.


The Greatest Salesman in the World (Augustine "Og" Mandino). It had empowered myself to become strong amidst challenges and had showed me the light to the righteous path.


I love to listen to the music of The Beatles. In my opinion, their music is one of the best things in the twentieth century. They have written and performed great songs of many different genres in about a decade of their existence.


The best movies I've watch is "Life is Beautiful" (1997). It is a movie which have proved that love, family and imagination conquers all.

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